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Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)


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Originally posted by Horatiu

We'll see you in Copa Italia.... Oh wait....


haha is that supposed to hurt us??
you need to come up with better comebacks my friend ;)


another draw. now it all goes back to normal (H)


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All that the side lacked against Reggina was going down a goal. And that's what pisses me off. WAY TO MANY DAMN TIMES this side plays it's best only after it has gone down.

I'm also questioning why Mancini didn't start Martins. When he came on he immediately tried to get some goals and get the offensive side the the team back on track, but he just couldn't do it alone.

Hopefully Mancini takes this as a sign to start Martins and drop Vieri. Not that Vieri has been poor but I'm guessing everyone would riot if he didn't start Adriano and we played poor.


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LOL......that's all I can do in regards to this recent result.....laugh the tears of torment away......

Mancini = a tactical nincompoop.


Senior Squad
Looks like Inter is really interested in Luis Amaranto Perea the Colombian Interlnational.

He currently plays for Atletico Madrid when they bought him from Boca Juniours.

This would be a good buy for inter I think because he can play at Right Back position and Centre Midfield if needed :mrpimp:

But it looks like Madrid really want him to stay


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The irony...

Finally I'm back from my forced break (damn Internet and computer, total system failure, crashes galor, BS web drivers) and I come back to another draw.

Chievo are an ok side but this is ridiculous. This side simply can't take the initiative to score first and stay strong the whole match.
The only reason the side scorers at times is because it goes down a goal, that is when the players realize where the hell they are and they really start to be aggressive instead of playing like crap.

I'm sick and tired of these poor results where the team saves it's best play for the last few minutes of the match, instead of asserting itself over the whole game. Mancini you gotta do something , or if not then who knows what will happen?

Man oh man do I wish this team had gotten Mourinho before Chelsea. Mourinho would have given Recoba the ass kicking to get him back playing to his consistent best.


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After Giacinto Facchetti, it was Adriano's turn to confirm yet again how much he wants to play and win at Inter.
"It makes me very sad every time this happens," said the Brazilian. "Everyone knows that I came to Inter to play and win with the Nerazzurri. I can't even look at the newspapers anymore; these things really make me angry. I said that it was my wish to win with Inter, and it was written that it's my wish to play for Real Madrid. I'm calm and, as I have already said to the president, I'm here to win. If this weren't the case I would have gone directly to play for another team. I'm fine at Inter and I want to stay here as long as I can."

But what started all this was that you said it's your dream to play for Real Madrid...
"I don't know what meaning you give to the word 'dream' in Italy, but in Portuguese it means something that could happen in six to seven years' time. Whoever says I want to leave immediately is a liar. My words about Arrigo Sacchi? I told the truth. I owe him a lot and at Parma I learned a lot with him. Thanks to God, he has helped me greatly, but this doesn't mean that I want to go and work with him now. I hope I'll win the Champions League this year and continue winning with Inter next season."

What a PR nightmare we've got on our hands here, man. He can recant and back off from those comments until the end of time and he'll still be considered a Ronaldo waiting to happen in the eyes of Inter fans. He certainly cannot be that stupid to have made such an unprofessional and uncouth interview. Not only are you forever tainted with the fans by making such statements, but you've also unnerved the the entire squad and de-valued your market worth.

****....someone please hunt down any posts of mine regarding Adriano's loyalty and unbreakable faithfulness to Inter and zap them out of existence, please.

What a mess, man, what a mess.