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Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)


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When I saw Adriano came off, I was thinking that Inter are going to lose that match and even more so when Karagounis came on. They proved me wrong though and I was lucky to watch this game.


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Originally posted by RonaldinhoBR10
was adriano playing?
cuz he hasnt been scoring.........

ok this is the 4th time ill ask this........ someone answer plz?

EDIT: ok thanks for the answers

but has he been playing well \and just not getting lucky or has he been playing bad?


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great comeback for Inter!!
hopefully they show this match in GolTv even if it has been played already.


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just watched this game on eurosport, martins is soo fast and recobas shot is awesome , i love inter milan....


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Originally posted by RonaldinhoBR10
ok this is the 4th time ill ask this........ someone answer plz?

EDIT: ok thanks for the answers

but has he been playing well \and just not getting lucky or has he been playing bad?

he's over-tired when he was pretty much carrying inter while vieri was out of form...he didn't have the best game today


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wow, what a comeback for inter. I thought it's going to be another draw for inter, but they finally got the break.

Kutuzov scored!!!!! :rockman: :rockman: (H) :rockman:


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After Emre's mistake Sapdoria made it 2-0. Adriano and Emre came off and 3 goals with in 6 min for Inter, woooow what a come back. It was amazing. I felt sorry for some of the Inter fans that left the stands after 2-0 and could't see the 3 goals in the last 6 min. :D


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congrats good game inter if inter keep on playing like this who knows maybe they will go the whole season unbeaten
oh yah...martins is just ******* amazing


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OMG !! I thought Inter were about to lose after 2 goals from Sampdoria. What a moment !! :rockman: :mrpimp:

I was crying to see Inter won in the last minutes.
Forza Inter !!

Thanx you Martins, Recoba, & Vieri !!


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Let me just get this out of the way first....

WoweeeeWoooooWOOOOwooo.......OMG,OML, OMT, OMFG, ******* BRILLIANT, ******* INCREDIBLE, ******* AWESOME, ******* UNBELIEVABLE, ******* *******, fubar

I sat down to watch this match with the mindset of...."There's no way in hell we should drop any points in this game let alone lose.....no ******* way. Samp is on a good roll, but dropping points or losing to them when we're levelled with them in ranking and with Juve and Udinese being victorious will just kill us confidence wise and send us in a downward spiral."

We started off slow, disappointed not to see King Recoba in the lineup, but was pleasantly surprised to see Emre flanking the right wing (wasn't too sure if he'd do well there) Anyway. Samp put some pressure on us early on, but we handled them with ease, We had about four clear-cut chances in the first half (the first one we had went to Adriano and he scuffed it....couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to shoot for goal or pass it off.......that pissed me off) That first chance probably summed up our play in the first half, sluggish, error filled and just simply downright terrible. Mind numbingly boring football for almost 25-30mins straight at one point.. The passes kept on getting heavier and heavier and poorer and poorer......lousy communication on the pitch, Adriano and Vieri were not playing well off of each other.

I'll give credit where credit is due, though.Samp had a great deal of possession in our end. They played their gameplan to perfection......solid defence backed by a great counter-attack. Then as the first half was almost coming to a close, the form from both sides improved steadily and then with a simple and innocent throw-in and a couple unthreatening passes plus a lob ball, they ******* got a goal.......with a minute left on the clock before the half. The entire team was caught ball watching. Unbelievable....awful awareness and marking by all, man. That goal sent an aching twinge to my heart, man. My stomach also felt hollowed out.....terribly unlucky for us to be going down a goal with a minute left until half-time, we had four clear cut chances and botched them all, while Samp got one and finished it off. I started to do the usual......sounded off with a torrent of curse words, punched up a storm all through the basement, downed a six-pack of Barqs.

-first half players of the game..........Emre/Cambiasso

We were going to suffer our first defeat of the season to Samp of all teams, were we? We weren't going to drop vital points to league standings
equals, were we? and drop another three back of Juve and Milan? God, please no, please, just this once...............

Awesome start to the second half for us, the passes were getting more accurate and accurate, goal scoring chances increased even more, and you could tell that it would be a matter of time before we levelled and maybe, just maybe, took the lead. Emre was on fine form, he battled for the ball in the middle, tracked back well and made some sweet passes that kept up the flow of our attack.

Near the 20th min mark, Mr. X subbed C. Zanetti out for Martins. I felt it was a bit overdue and that it should've been a double sub with either Vieri or Adriano going off for Recoba, but who cares. The kid came in and made our already menacing attack more deadly and aggressive. Martins and Adriano can never be accused of ever cheating the fans by loafing off and under performing deliberately, but yesterday, Martins was something else. He attacked and went after the ball with astounding intensity. His passing, technique and awareness out there on the pitch was just something else, Carlos. But we still couldn't crack through that awesome Samp defence. They were tight, organized and still deadly on the counter. That's when King Recoba (with something like 15mins left in the game.......shameful and disrespectful on Mancini's part) was subbed in for Adriano (this dude, along with Stanko, really could use some rest in time for the second phase of the CL) came in and quickly made his presence felt with desperately needed flair, runs and passes. I was still gripping tightly on my stress ball, though. I knew Recoba's genius was good for maybe a goal to tie the match, but two to give us the victory? Nah, **** no! Emre and Stanko were invigorated greatly with King Recoba playing alongside them......I could really feel and taste that tying goal coming. It was right there for the taking.........NOT! Again, an ordinary throw-in, this time by us, Captaino in to Emre, Emre to Diani....(WTF? As unforgivable, if not worse, and foolish as the one Brady threw off his ass some time ago. I mean, the hobbit had played so well all game long (maybe his best game this season) and then he preceded to give the ball away so senselessly and trivially to Diani with the majority of our squad pushing up to their area......****! Diani to Flacchi, Flacchi with a dope backheel back to Diani, Diani to CM4 legend Kutuzov, Kutuzov with a rifle of a shot past Emre's leg and Toldo's helpless palms.......*searches for the nearest blunt object to mortally injure oneself........none found.......turn the T.V off* I, being a self admitted masochist, turned to T.V back on a second later......what a bummer it was to see Emre on the ground like that with King Cordoba consoling him. He had played so well, man, and to rub even more salt on the wound, Mancini subbed 'em right off.......ouch. I wanted to ******* puke it was so bad. I was 100% sure the game was lost right there and then. The 40th minute was nearing. My confidence and faith balloons for us tying and eventually going on for the win were swiftly deflated and filled with 10% of anguish, 20%,of utter dispair and helplessness, and 69% of depression, and a very powerful 1% of suicidal thoughts.

Anyway, the Greek version of Emre, much to his credit, continued on where Emre had left off and fit into the attack seamlessly. 42th min, King Recoba to Martins, Martins with an awesome turn-in move, beautiful finish (arguably his best goal ever) But, I mean, this goal was oddly very similar to Samp's second goal for me, both of the build ups and finishes were worldclass, yet I still had this hollow and hopeless feeling in the pit of my stomach. Because for starters, we definitely weren't going to get a second (by this time only two minutes was left of the game) and even if we tied it up (wishful thinking on the grandest scale) we were still going to drop two points. A draw = a loss for us from here on out, man. King Recoba takes a corner some seconds later, Martins heads it down, Vieri winds up for a shot, it "accidently" (in retrospect and now that hindsight is 20/20 and we've won the game) came off a Samp player and Martins went nuts with fury......what emotion...wow. If we were going to salvage a point from this game, it would've happened right there in the box, but it didn't, so I was getting ready to turn the T.V back off again. This definitely wasn't going to be a repeat of Juventus for us, and even then, we were going to drop two points, damnit! Seconds later, long ball into Vieri, Vieri delicately up to Martins, one of the Samp defenders rocketed it up into the air, but Martins furiously and spiritedly fought off the defender, then with his awe-inspiring athleticism, volleyed it back to Vieri, Vieri put it away sweetly........wow...happy, surprised, proud, astonished?? All of the above, Carlos, but we've still squandered two points away. Seconds later.....KING RECOBA with a long range bomber of a shot, Antonioli, great save, we cycle the ball back in around their half, King Cordoba to Zanetti, Zanetti with a signature run at the defence, off to the Greek version of Emre, the Greek version of Emre with a decent cross to Vieri, Vieri to Stanko, Stank brings in the ball with such deftly touch, a touch that would definitely made even Maradona proud, RECOBA, RECOBA, RECOBA, RECOBA. At this point my lungs gave out, so did pretty much all of my other senses. I've had to skip school today just to recover from it all. But I do remember Mr. X giving the hecklers who usually sit behind the team bench area the victory hand sign......man was that hilarious. It filled me with enough joy to last me a life time, man. All game long, they heckle him, ask for his resignation and now he had the opportunity to give it back to them ten-fold........V,V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V, V,....Mancio, I love you, man.

BTW, This thread is brought to you by the I aint reading all that **** nigga corporation.


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Yo, Yossarion, you own. Very cool with the Arsenal sig.

Inter blew my mind this weekend. I nearly shot my load when Vieri scored, and I'm a Milan fan (partly....Serie A is pretty gay when it wants to be, which is most of the time). Good ending, and Martins is insane....even Greaseball (AKA Vieri) got one. Now why wasn't he that good at the Euro?

The Serie A is out of your reach, but with three insane strikers, and a decently solid defence, you have a shot at the Champions LEague. Just don't lose when you next play Juve. Kick their ass.


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The squad beat Bologna today by a final score of 3-1. Martins scored a hat trick after we went down a goal. Now we will have to wait for Juve's game against Atalanta to finish to find out who our opponent will be. I'm guessing it will definately be Juve, but it would be one hell of a surprise if it wasn't.

Our next Serie A game is against Reggina. Martins deserves to start, so perhaps he should replace Adriano who has definately hit a slump as of late.