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Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)


Team Captain
OK I don't give a flying fu*k.

now back to Inter....

Inter 2-0 Livorno, Matarazzi and Vieri :hump:

... and juve tied :p


Fan Favourite
With Udinese losing we are now only 4 points off third place. Once we pass them we can concentrate on 2nd. IMO it's all about focusing on one place at a time.


Fan Favourite
-adriano seems to be making a habit of missing penalties.....he should pass up the opportunity the next time it presents itself

-where the **** was Stankovic in the first half or the entire match for that matter?

-Miha seems to be breaking down every game......wuz up wit dat?

-anyone know who that crazed Livorno fan came out to attack? Boy was that ******* bizarre......if he was going after the ref or one of his own players' then I detest Toldo for takin' 'em down, but if he was going after one of our own, Toldo, you're a Goddamn hero, man

-tell me, WTF was Mancini thinking bringing in Emire in the 90th minute? What was he accomplishing by doing this? That was just blatant disrespect to Emre in my opinion, man


Fan Favourite
Cause were Inter damn it. The comeback KINGS. I mean to come back from 2-0 down in 6 minutes to win it 3-2 is simply amazing. I can't describe the emotional rollercoaster. :p

All I know is that we've won 2 in a row, even when Adriano and Emre sucked. Chino may have just saved himself this match, and I think him and Martins will start the next with Bobo.

Kara also saved himself by being one of the key players in helping us come back.




Senior Squad
Wow, i would of liked to have seen this match. I was checking livescore.com and noticed it was 2-0 to Sampdoria, next time it refreshes its 3-2 to Inter. Amazing


Fan Favourite
Damn what a finish to the match, thought Inter was lucky to get an equaliser and they go on to get a winner.


Reserve Team
Wow, a miracle to say the least... You can just tell that Inter wasn't giving up even though they were down 2-0 around the 80th minute... I have been an Inter fan for 15 years and never have I seen anything like that and I have never seen them try so hard... Boy it feels good right now.