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Inter Milan Thread (2004 - 2005)


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With Materazzi out against Roma I'm wondering if Miha will get the start or if Mancini will use Burdisso. I want Burdisso to get more minutes, but knowing Mancini he will probably used the experience Miha instead.


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Hey guys. I'm a newbie and a huge Inter fan. I hope our team finishes undefeated in serie A even if it won't mean a scudetto, win CL, and win coppa italia. It's obvious that we should have never let Cannavaro go to Juve. NE ways there is an awesome video of Vieri's 100 Serie A goals for Inter on the Inter web site, the like is on the left.


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Red, not yellow
Eight players have been sent off in matches against Roma so far this season (more than any other team). Viali (Fiorentina), Zagorakis and Cipriani (Bologna), Emerson (Juventus), Tedesco (Reggina), Pisanu (Parma), Lazzari (Atalanta) and Ledesma (Lecce) have all been dismissed in their club's league games against the Giallorossi.

36 matches unbeaten
The last time the Nerazzurri lost a competitive match was the 2-1 defeat away to Lecce last 2 May. Since then Inter have recorded 18 victories and 18 draws in Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League matches.

Inter close to record of draws
Last weekend's 2-2 draw away to Parma was Inter's fifteenth of the 2004/05 Serie A season. With two more stalemates, the Nerazzurri will equal their record of seventeen draws in one season (1991/92).

Inter's sprint finishes
At the Tardini last weekend Inter confirmed they are particularly prolific from the 76th to 90th minutes of 2004/05 Serie A games. Including added time, 15 of the Nerazzurri's 44 league goals this season have come in the final fifteen-minute periods of matches. That's 34% of the total.

Four likely scorers against Roma
With 2 out of his 11 Italian goals against Roma, the Giallorossi are Edgar Davids' favourite target. The same goes for Alvaro Recoba (75 goals in competitive matches in Italy), who has scored 6 against Roma, Bologna and Lecce, and Dejan Stankovic - 3 against Roma, AC Milan, Parma and Greek side Panionios (the Serb has scored 44 goals in Italy). With 3 out of his 21 Italian goals against the Giallorossi, Roma are also Ze Maria's favourite target.

Vieri v Montella
Christian Vieri and Vincenzo Montella are the two most prolific players in the Serie A. Vieri has scored 128 goals (including the one initially given to Materazzi in the match away to Livorno), while Montella has netted 130. The Inter striker has scored 10 goals against Roma, who together with Bologna and Verona are his second-favourite target after Perugia (12 goals). Inter are also Montella's second-favourite target - the Roma forward has scored 11 against the Nerazzurri, 12 against Fiorentina and 11 against goalkeepers Toldo and Pagliuca.

Seven Roma players on target
Roma, Brescia, Messina, Palermo and Siena are the five 2004/05 Serie A teams to have scored with the lowest number of players: 7. Totti, Montella, Cassano, Mancini, Dellas, De Rossi and Perrotta have scored for the capital side (total 42 goals).

Roma on target in 11 consecutive matches
The Giallorossi have scored in each of their last eleven league matches, with a total of 23 goals.

Del Neri's black February
According to the statistics, February is the Roma coach's worst month of the year. In 45 matches, Gigi Del Neri has registered 15 wins, 21 draws and 9 defeats - a points per match average of 1.47.

Too bad King Recoba the Roma killer is out for this match (highly doubt he'd be starting anyway)

My preferred lineup............

--------------van der Adriano---------------van der Martins----------

-------------------------van der Cruz-----------------

---van der Kily---------------van der Stankovic ---------van der Meyde

----------------------van der Cambiasso-------------------

-van der Zanetti(to shutdown Mancini)--Koning Cordoba----van der Ze Maria

---------------------------------Van der Toldo---------------------


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NO two DMS, please. NO Veron, please. Even though he's got some of his form back as of late, he's far too slow and will get swallowed up by Roma's fast paced and deadly counter-attack. We need to counter their tactics with attack through the flanks early on, preferably cross-ins for Adriano so he can either attack the net or set up quality chances for Martins and Cruz.

I expect a spectacular match, a great advertisement for Serie A in this one since forehead boy Capello is no longer part of the equation.


what a freekick by Mihajlovic !! Theres no one better in a dead ball situation than Miha.

Great game so far. The f*ckers who call Italian football boring should watch this. Roma almost scored a couple.... Inter could have had one more as well (Adriano's header)

1-0 Inter so far (28 minuters gone)

*back to watching the game*


El Merengue Argentino
Yeah, great match so far (Y)

That was a hell of a free-kick by Sinisa. :o

I think Adriano deserves a goal


Team Captain
Inter were pretty solid today, Cordoba saved our asses a few times, Miha is the most amazing FK taker!! Thank you!

Martins and Adriano pissed me off for not scoring a goal

good game, Roma played sh!tty btw (2nd half)


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A fantastic victory. 2 great freekick goals by Miha and we defeated Roma yet again at the San Siro.

Our next game is against Atalanta on Wednesday in the Coppa Italia. Hopefully the team can finish them up with a strong performance and get into the semi's. :rockman:


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Another superb performance by Inter in Coppa Italia. Inter are through to Semi-Finals by beating Atalanta 3-0 in 2nd leg. :rockman:

Davids is great in the match, along with Emre- what a great solo brilliant goal, combination Cruz & Recoba are working too.


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I still have high hopes of seeing Emre and Cambiasso forming the main center-mid duo. I feel that together they could do great things on both ends of the field.

BTW our next 3 games are all tough and all crucial. It starts off with an away game to Udinese at the Stadio Friuli, and we have definately had great difficulty winning there in the past, heck up until this season Udinese has been our dark horse.

The next game is the first leg of our CL tie with Porto. It will be crucial for us to pickup some away goals and increase our chances of winning.

Then to finish the series of in style it's the Milan Derby, Inter-Milan, the classic.

Atleast winning 2 out of these 3 will be a great feat, going undefeated in all 3 will be awesome, but winning all 3, that would outstanding.


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Inter really screwed up in the final minutes. :( It was a difficult match for Inter to win against Udinese.

Adriano should have scored in that close range. :(


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Well put. What a major letdown this game was, man. So very typical of us. Hopefully this loss...err draw will madden and inspire the boys enough to put FC 'The Professional Wimps" Porto away in the first leg.


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My left nut and right nipple are vibrating and pulsating violently for this fixture..........seriously, **** the CL match, that's already a done deal, a foregone conclusion of us being the victors as far as I'm concerned, man, but this match........*pre-cum squirts from ze Cock and mouth starts to water uncontrollably* ? Hopefully the footballling Gods present us with a Euro-derby aswell this year, man.

Someone start up the thread already, man.



Starting XI
Originally posted by TURK_1975
I am glad Emre is doing well :D

Yeah man, he's like the best bench warmer in the history of Inter. Sheer class man. The way he sits on that bench, rubbin his behind against the plastic. Dude, it's just something you gotta experience. :)