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    Manchester United vs AC Milan [P+R]

    AMAZING GAME! Worth skipping work after all.
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    Manchester United vs. AS Roma (second leg)

    Mika's still whackin' off to pictures of Totti.
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    Manchester United vs. AS Roma (second leg)

    Totti Who?
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    Cell Phones

    Right now I have the Motorla SLVR and I have more gripes about it than any of my other phones I've ever owned. It's really cool looking but that's about it. It's really fragile and the screen scratches easily. And dust collects under the LCD screen!! I've heard that's a warranty issue and that...
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    Snakes on a Plane

    It's about snakes on a muthaf*ckin' plane!
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    Teen Choice Awards 2006

    That was painful. :( When you're THAT crap at something how can you not know? I don't get how people that are really crap at something somehow think they're really good. Like on American Idol and all those shows... K-Fed has to know... or he's an idiot.
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    The Official Manchester United Thread [2006/2007]

    Hargreaves ain't comin'. All this would've been over and done with by now if he was. Ya think Bayern would let him go after all that hard talk? I said it before and I'll say it again... lets make a move for Newcastle's new captain, Scott Parker! Come on Scottie, ya wanna win trophies don't ya?
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    New Kits 2006/2007

    That's a really nice kit... 'cept the Chelsea badge kinda ruins it for me. (:/) (H)
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    I want Michael Brown and Ben Thatcher DEAD.

    Ban his ass for the rest of the season. Of course he's gonna say sorry, it's all about publicity. The way he walked away, acting like he did nothing shows you what kinda person he really is. He would never do something like that on the street 'cause he knows his ass would get arrested... on...
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    + Nintendo DS Lite +

    I saw some kid playing Animal Crossing on the demo console at Target and I thought it looked like a total kid's game... cute little characters and funny music. I do remember someone else telling me that it's really good though. I'll definitely check it out. I've got 'Partners in Time' too...
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    + Nintendo DS Lite +

    Dude, I've been playin' my little brother's DS a lot lately.. Mario Kart's so fun on the DS.. especially battle mode. Very addicting. I'll have to see how WE is.. might pick up a DS for myself. Though, I'm not too big on games these days. Just to kill some time..
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    Middle East war

    Foreal man, this Knight guy is ridiculous. What else can Israel do?. Hezbollah is hiding behind the Lebanese people like a buncha pussies. Israel has to take out Hezbollah one way or the other... for the world's sake, it'd be better sooner than later. How'd all those Katyusha rockets get...
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    Which Premiership Team should I support?

    Osama Bin Laden supports Arsenal, and Dr. Dre supports Liverpool... Is that true?? :lui:
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    NSync Guy Is Gay

    Not suprised at all. Saw it on the front page of CNN's website a couple days ago... and it was on the scrolling ticker too on TV. :kader:
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    Middle East war

    If these terrorists put down their weapons, there would be no more war. If Israel put down its weapons, there would be no more Israel. Pretty simple.