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Leagues Pack


Youth Team
Pack of many leagues in cmp format for FIFA 14, extracted from many 'big' patches.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/uk0..._14_(extracted)

CONTENT (in alphabetical order):

From BFL14 patch (Bulgaria):
- A Group 13/14
- B Group 13/14

From Black African Patch by Celtian (Africa):
- MTN Elite One 2014(CMR)
- First Capital Plus League 2014 (GHA)
- Tusker Premier League 2014 (KEN)
- Glo Premier League 2014 (NGA)
- ABSA Premiership 2014 (RSA)
- FAZ Super League 2014 (ZAM)

From Centroamericano Patch by tazmany67 (North America):
- Honduras League 2014
- Panama League 2014
- El Salvador League 2014

From Editland 2014 Patch (Iran):
- Persian Gulf League 2014/15

From EEP 14 patch by SlimOntario2033(Europe):
- T-Com 1 League 14/15 (CRO)
- Gambrinus Liga 14/15 (CZE)
- Greece Superleague 14/15 (GRE)
- Jelen Superliga 14/15 (SRB)
- Corgon Liga 14/15 (SVK)
- Turkcell Superlig 14/15 (TUR)

From Fifa-Argentina Superpatch (South America):
- Primera Division 2014 (ARG)
- Nacional B 2014 (ARG)
- Tercera Division A 2014 (ARG)
- Tercera Division B 2014 (ARG)
---- Defensores Belgrano & Textil (ARG)
---- ExtraCONMEBOL 4 teams

From Fedmania patch 14 (Malaysia):
- J1 League 2014 (JPN)
- Malaysia Superleague 2014 (MAL)
- Malaysia Premier League 2014 (MAL)
---- Harimau Mauda team (MAL)

From FEUP 14 Patch by The Crew (Africa):
- Algerian League 2014 (ALG)
- Egyptian League 2014 (EGY)
- Palestinian League 2014 (PAL) Only teams, players are generic!
- Tunisian league 2014 (TUN)
--- Al Ittihad Aleppo, Karameh & Al Wahda Damascus teams(SYR)
--- Extra CAF 15 teams Only teams with logos, no players, no kits!

From FIFA-FNL Mod 3.0 (Russia):
- Ligat Ha'Al 2013/14 (ISR)
- RFPL 2014/15 (RUS) (updated from the original game)
- FNL 2014/15 (RUS)
- PFL 2014/15 (RUS) (best 22 of 60 teams)
----FC Syzran team (RUS)

From FMI Patch (Indonesia)
- Indonesian Super League 2014
--- Squar FC (IDN)

From HSP 14 patch (Hungary):
- OTP Bank Liga NBI
- NBII Liga

From Interamericano Patch by tazmany67 (South America):
- Bolivian League 2014 (BOL)
- Costa-Rican League 2014 (CRC)
- Ecuador League 2014 (ECU)
- Guatemalan League 2014 (GUA)
- Paraguay League 2014 (PAR)
- Peruanos League 2014 (PER)
- Uruguayan League 2014 (URU)
- Venezuelan League 2014 (VEN)

From kazakh98 patch: New
- Topaz Premier Liqasi 2015/16(AZE)
- Premier League 2015 (KAZ)

From MIL 14 patch (Israel):
- Winner League 2013/14
- National League 2013/14
- A League 2013/14

From Moddingway Mod 14 (International):
- Turkcell Superlig 2014/15 (TUR)

From PLP 14 patch by fifapolonia (Poland):
- 1 Liga Polska 2014/15
- 2 Liga Polska 2014/15
- 3 Liga Polska 2014/15
- 4 Liga Polska 2014/15
- Ekstraklasa 2014/15 (updated from the original game)

From RNGP 14 patch (Romania):
- Liga I 2013/14
- Liga II group 1 2013/14
- Liga II group 2 2013/14
---- Politechnica Timisoara team

From Robmar patch:
- Veikkausliiga 2014 (FIN)
--- JJK Jyvaskyla (FIN)

From Ukrainian league 14 patch 3.0 by vitalkov (Ukraine):
- Amateur League 2014/15
- FAVBET Liga 1 2014/15
- Liga 2 2014/15
- Ukrainian Premier League 2014/15

My own work: Belarus all in one
- Premier League 2014 (BLR)
- Fisrt league 2014 (BLR)
--- Second league - 4 teams (BLR)

Also, set of Paweł 2010 patches:
- Qatar League - http://www112.zippyshare.com/v/KnNihfV2/file.html
- UAE league - http://www89.zippyshare.com/v/ozKWhKg7/file.html
Chinese league - http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/eubCudJh/file.html


Youth Team
kevinbru3;3858024 said:
Can you import these leagues for example in moddingway ?

Emm, what?
Install MWM, then open CM, Patch->Load->select cmp file->Import->done. If I understood you rightly.


Youth Team
Paweł 2010;3858056 said:
Great thread ! On this thread I realase soon Qatar,China and Uae leagues (with some you kits :) )

No, create your own thread and release your leagues there to avoid the dispute with moderator.
Then I'll download your patch, extract the leagues manually and upload here.


Youth Team
serhiym1994;3858368 said:
а сам?

nachil bilo okolo 10 kamand patom durak ustanavil win 10 i vsio creation master utanul na etai versii shas rabotaiu fizicheski net vremeni dlia pereustanovki k sajeleniu ato u menia bilo vsio gatova i liga i kubok i superkubok(((( faili ia saxranil shtob patom pradoljit


Youth Team
How can i make it work....i just copy the data file on my fifa but it doesn´t appear the league i´m trying to get, could you explain how we can make it work....

Thank you


Youth Team
In you patch the only info that appear is the following:
data file
fifa............... xml file
lang...............xml file
patch............xml file

There is no cmp patch sorry...


Youth Team
rescalon;3858572 said:
In you patch the only info that appear is the following:
data file
fifa............... xml file
lang...............xml file
patch............xml file

There is no cmp patch sorry...

little explaining: cmp file technically is zip file with changed extension.
now... there are cmp files on the link on the 1st post. You DON'T NEED unzip them, CM will do that automatically.
Saying shortly, it seems your archiver unzips the cmp files instantly after download, so you can see the cmp's structure as 'data' folder + 3 files, not as single cmp file.
What to do: 1) go to Windows/Linux preferences and disable automatic unzipping
OR (simplier way)
2) select all this root folder (with subfolder 'data' and the 3 files, I mean), create zip-file from it, and change extension to cmp. Then open CM14 and import.

kevinbru3;3858053 said:
I imported a group and it shows Slovakia instead of Bulgaria

+ bro how do you make them in cmp format ?

Sorry, Kevin, I didn't see your message.
Go to CM, press Country button and change Slovakia's name to Bulgaria and viseversa.
(the BFL developers placed AGroup in SVK to avoid game crash during the career mode).

Open CM -> Patch -> Create -> (save all if prompted) -> select the object to your patch (names, leagues, etc) and click Add (top right) after each choice -> name the patch -> press Create button (top left) -> wait 5-15 min until it's done.
Then click New for the new creating patch, or Exit.


Youth Team
GShock;3858786 said:
Can these leagues be added into game and play manager mode or do these overwrite other leagues?

It's simply addidng +1 league, no Manager Mode, you should to create/replace league & tournament for it manually.


Club Supporter

Cześć, to znowu ja :) Mam dalej ten sam problem z koszulkami zielono-niebieskimi :( Podasz DOKŁADNĄ instrukcję jak się tego pozbyć? Żeby stroje były oryginalne?


Youth Team
Windows 10? I think that's the point. W10 didn't exist when FIFA14 has been released, so it doesn't support that. I recommend go back to W7 or W8.
And/or try to use CM15.
I'll write the manual in some days later, wait.


Club Supporter

Well, I install 7 :) Yeah, so I'm waiting for instructions regarding the costumes, because I can not get it out :(