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Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Club Supporter
Can anyone make me an aston villa away mini kit or tell me where to find one?
it has to have the "acorn" logo on it


Club Supporter
can someone create Manchester United Away kit like these .. ?


Hobs Crk

Youth Team
^^advice - dont post here,post in the kitmakers threads.hardly anyone checks back here anyway.adek,roberto and some others take requests.dont post in more than one thread,or you'll have many people wasting their time over the same kit


Youth Team
Wow, really??? that surprises me...

Well, i had it on my CM07, so someone must have made it with the kit patch for last season:-

Man U Third 08/09

Looking at it, I think it may be one of Bobscrachit's kits.


Club Supporter
pls update man city home kit

can u pls update man city home kit ,round coller colour WHITE,sockes colour white and shortsa color white plsssssss coz that is the origenal u can see the pic of it on man city offical website :)


Club Supporter
pls make

pls make wolves complet kit and pls update man city away kit with socks colour WHITE thx waiting dfor the update


Club Supporter
helo 2 all

hi mate this is the link where u can find portsmouth home kit 09/10 pics http://soccerlens.com/shirts/portsmouth-0910-home-kit/3766/ ,
this is the link for portsmouth away kit 09/10 pics http://soccerlens.com/shirts/portsmouth-0910-away-kit/3900/ ,
and in this link u can see portsmouth 2 gk kits green/pink and away shirt http://www.footballshirtculture.com...h-2009-2010-canterbury-away-shirt-leaked.html ,http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/udfQCch70-G/Birmingham+City+v+Portsmouth+Premier+League/GYqV-R_kRxz ,http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/_8JX...smouth+Premier+League/khniwEDtKvC/David+James ,

postmouth third kit http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/udfQCch70-G/Birmingham+City+v+Portsmouth+Premier+League/iLuhHFbglXL ,http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/udfQCch70-G/Birmingham+City+v+Portsmouth+Premier+League/h-hWHIYEwbq ,

this is the link where u can find Birmingham City 09/10 home and away Kits pics http://soccerlens.com/shirts/birmingham-city-0910-kits/3879/ ,
this is thew link where u can see Birmingham City gk kit 09/10 http://www.thesoccerblog.org/wp-con...erbatov-gallery-images-photos-pictures-10.jpg ,

i hope u will make complet kit pack for portsmouth h/a//third/2gk and Birmingham City h/a/gk kits thx u so much in adv and all the very best ...:)


Club Supporter
possible to have 09/10 English Premier League ball, La Liga ball, and other league balls??
one that can be used with Monkeydragon ball patch.. thanks! (: