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Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Club Supporter
hey can anyone make me the new portugal kits, i can't find them anywhere



Club Supporter
kevinc1995;2525569 said:
Hey does any one have MLS 2008 kits for FIFA 07??? I looked everywhere, but I can't seem to find any. The rosters and everything else I can do, but I really need the kits and the minikits, too. Oh and a goalie kit and a training kit would be nice, too. You can easily find the pictures but if you need any, just ask me. Thanks in advance.

Yes can anyone do this please i cant find them anywhere


Youth Team

Details :

- in the back of the collar is written "Rossoneri" this year instead of "AC Milan" last year.

-The Serie A kit has the CL 7 times winner badge on the left sleeve and the Serie A Tim logo on the right one, and until january the golden World Cup winners badge on the right side of the chest (parallel to the Milan logo)

- The UEFA Cup kit has the UEFA Cup logo on the right sleeve and the CL 7 times winner on the left sleeve, until january the Golden World Cup winners badge is there too.

1) Home front :

2) Away front :

notice the brighter white cross on the right side of the jersey

3) Third front :

4) Jersey backs :

5) Shorts :

White is the away one, black the third one, both are alternated with the away jersey depending the team we face.

The socks are the same as last year, black socks for home and third kits, white socks for away kit.


Club Supporter
Montréal kit request

Can someone design a kit for FIFA07 that is modeled after the photo below? I am creating a possible kit for the proposed MLS team for Montréal. It should be very challenging to create this but will look good in the game!


Club Supporter
ישראל;2562715 said:
Hallo. can someone please make Fenerbahçe S.K 2008\09 kits?

HI, This is probably my first request, even though i've been exploring the forum for years, I don't really post anything:redface:. Anyway, can someone please make the Fenerbahce kits as requested above.

THANKS in advance, Ozzie


Club Supporter
hey guys, i would like somebody to make the new cologne kits, home, away, gk and third

here are some pics which show the new kits:




Club Supporter
Could you make kit of Croatian national team?Not football, but handball cro-team...

here are some photos:

thanks in forward:bouncy: