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Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


The Super-Swede
if you need something , ask for it here, instead of the kitmakers threads please :ewan:


- post a kit you want people to make for you.
- provide, if possible, logos, sponsors and the actual jersey's pictures.


- if you accept to make a kit for somebody, please post a link here to your Kit.


Youth Team
thanks huz for the o-file, pretty good. and thanks also to alex for making the fifa 2007 kits forum


Reserve Team
i allways wondered where you guys actually get pictures of the tags inside the shirt's collar? :ewan:


Starting XI
What he means is where do people get the pictures to make them.

I personally use ebay quite a lot for that, but their are a couple of websites which can be good to use also, www.lfb.jp was quite good but is hasn't been updated in quite a while, other than that I usually try club shops and if not I take a guess from whatever I can see.


Starting XI
i made england wc 98 for fifa 06, but i lost all my work, check my thread, if you like it, i'll try to make them for fifa 07

KAKA 500

does anybody have these 3 logos:
1.the middle logo in the Inter Shirt...i looks like the italy flag
2.the back logo of the inter shirt
3.the logo on the sleeves on the inter shirt...looks like a cirlce wit red & green
Thnx :ewan:


Starting XI
1 and 3 are the scudetto... they are not difficult to make with ps, same with the 'shield' of the back that looks like the english flag