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Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures


Senior Squad
Why I can post here, and I can't post in my thread???
I want to post my Getafe kits in my thread, but when i click on "reply", I go on a page where it's write I can't post here. :(

Stevi G

Senior Squad
Liverpool kit request

Can somebody plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make these kits for liverpoolfc?

There are 2 gk kits, 2 away kits, 2 third kits and 1 home kit. Sme1 plzzzzzzzzz make all 5 kits. I'll be very GRATEFUL and HAPPY if some1 did.

Thanx in advance

Stevi G

Senior Squad
wat about the gray shirt with red socks and shorts and can any1 plzzzzzzzzzzz make green socks for liverpool's third kit. I'll be GLADE.

Plus can anyone1 make arsenal's third kit for this season. And these training kits??

liverpool's kits are posted in my previous post

Thanx in advance


Youth Team
I'm new, but that doesn't matter. Does anyone have the new Premier leagues typeface font that I can use for FIFA 07.
Sorry if this has been asked for before.


Club Supporter
I am. I just came back to the forum... I'm okay at making kits. so i can try and help out. I'm mainly waiting til the summer for the 09-10 official releases.

Stevi G

Senior Squad
Can u plzzzzzzz make those ones i have asked for here in ma previous post
They are LFCs training kit for euro and a predator training kit

Stevi G

Senior Squad
the orange part is golden. And no offense meant bt they are nt the kind of kits i'm looking 4. Can u tel me hw to PM some1???
Thanks in advance


Reserve Team
Man, if you want better kits, do them yourself. Or, switch to FIFA 09. We are a very small community left here, so...
And for PM, click on a user name and then send Private Message (PM).


Youth Team
Does anybody have a template or addidas kits, i.e. with three stripes over the collar and down the arms??? I'd like it in .psd format, if possible, but i can take a texture with the stripes on it.