FIFA U-17 World Championship - Peru 2005


Starting XI
Ryan Soroka lives 10 minutes away from me. Played club soccer with one of my friends. Everybody says hes the real deal. But i dont have FSC. Who looks the most impressive out there?


Senior Squad
Didn't see the Korea game...based on what I saw against Italy...

Purely on potential I would say Arvizu. The kid moves like a natural goal scoring machine and he's very direct about his approach.

Soroka looks like a tough little dude that knows how to finish and anticipate opportunities.

And even though the team is pretty good the GK is going to cost them a big game at this rate. I would have to replace him if he made another mistake.
Vagegast said:
The motherland of course.



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Bitch, please.

Here's what the Dutch coach said about the Americans: "Individually they're not spectaculair, but because they play compact it's hard to play them."

In other words, we'll beat yo ass.
How about a bet, Arash. If the Netherlands advance, you choose my sig for two weeks. If USA advance, I choose your sig for two weeks.


Starting XI
man I cant believe Gambia are ouT!!!!!
poor guys!!!
thats what you get for missing a pk...if they wouldve made that they wouldve advanced!!!
too bad....
I find it hilarious that Brasil advances even though they sucked :nape: