FIFA U-17 World Championship - Peru 2005


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Vagegast said:
#9 is Diego Bisewar, promising right-winger from Feyenoord.

Thanks m8.
He sure looks promising, with those crazy skills...reminding me of Zlatan in a way :|

Good luck to Holland for the semis!
But if they meet Brazil on the final..they'll break again: Anderson! :lui:


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I thought we played fairly well but if you can't put away your opportunities you can't win.

Good luck to Mexico :ewan:
WilliamFAlmeida said:
haha....where's run dbm?
I'm right here, bitch.

The Dutch got fvcking lucky. All they did in this game was:

a) pass the ball back to their goalkeeper
b) foul US players every time they touched the ball

Motherfvckers broke Kevin Alston's leg. The only time they looked dangerous in attack was when the US threw everything forwards and left themselves exposed to counter-attacks.

The US played well and deserved a lot better than that. I'm proud of the way our kids played. They proved that the gap between the two sides is much smaller than many thought.

Arash, I'll proudly wear whatever sig you come up with for me, but you got lucky you traitor.

Fvckin' Chuck Norris.

It's his fault.


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Mexico - Turkey will be the final.

They want this cup real bad, you can just see feel it.

Plus, they do have very solid teams, unlike Holland and Brazil, was not impressed at all by their games today.

By the way.
Dos Santos may not play against Turkey, Guzman could take his place.
That would be good though, anyone see the goal against Costa Rica, in Extra-Time? Fantastic.,

#1 Stunna

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Mexico vs Holland 1-0 HT

33' Cesar Villaluz (MEX)

16' Efrain Valdez (MEX) - yellow

4' Mike Va der Kooij (HOL) out
4' Erik Pieters (HOL) in

#1 Stunna

The Alpha Mexican
wow... what an ass kicking (H)

Mexico vs Holland 4-0 FT

33' Cesar Villaluz (MEX)
50' Hector Moreno (MEX)
61' Cesar Villaluz (MEX)
90' Ever Guzman (MEX)


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Not an unexpected result, really. Mexico taught us a lesson in finishing today, we missed way too many chances today. This Dutch team has done well though: European finalist and World semi-finalist. Not bad at all, and I got to see some of Ajax's talents on display that I normally wouldn't see.

Paul, **** you :(