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FIFA U-17 World Championship - Peru 2005

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
The players that have played the best are those that don't belong the best soccer school in Mexico (:Bow: Atlas) and even though they are represented by 5 of their best from the school in Guadalajara it hasn't been them who've impressed me. (although it's still impresive that Atlas has 5 players on the squad. (Y)

the favorite so far:

- CB (Cptn') Patricio Araujo - CD Chivas de Guadalajara
- CB/CDM Efrain Valdez - Pumas del U.N.A.M.
- CB Christian Sanchez - Atlas :o
- LM Adrian Aldrete - Monarcas de Morelia
- ST Cesar Villaluz - Cruz Azul
- ST Carlos Vela - CD Chivas de Guadalajara
- ST Ever Guzman - Monarcas de Morelia
- ST Giovanni Dos Santos - FC Barcelona (cadete)

Efrain Valdez is my MVP.


Senior Squad
Turkey didn't let me down, they did well, just not enough luck there at the end.

Brazil is a better rival for Mexico anyway.

Great game by our boys, I never had any doubt that they would be in the final.
Great game by Dos Santos, they even compared him to Adu!? Can you believe it!?, Adu could never take 9 players out in a single run.


Fan Favourite
I just hope these kids fulfill their potential and don't turn into crap like our last talented group where only Rafa has been successful. Great result though, didn't get to see the game (Galavision was supposed to have shown it at 8 but didn't) but hopefully I'll be able to catch the final, does anyone know at what time it's going to be at?

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Run DMB said:
Holland got own3d. (H)
That could've have been you guys. :lui: (H)

I saw the Mex-Hol game for a 2nd time. :taz:

I hope to see this for the Final.


Guzman or Dos Santos? Either way we still play with 3 ST's.
ronnifan9 said:
That could've have been you guys.
Nah, we know how to play against you. Besides, both teams would've been too concentrated on kicking and wrestling eachother for you to score all those goals.


Reserve Team
BULL**** BULL**** BULL****!!! :hit:

Turkey comes back from 3-1 and a man down only to get ****ed over at the end. Nuri Sahin is the best player in this tournament period. Why is everyone talking about all these Mexicans when Nuri could take them all to school?


Fan Favourite
Anderson will turn into a magnificent player, if he can let off his cockiness. It's a shame we dont have Kerlon on the squad.

Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
#1 Stunna said:
Yeah, Turkey barely beat our back-ups. (H)
Nice. (Y)


It's true, plus Turkey don't deserve to be in the Final after that choke-job. I'd rather have Mexico beat the country that represents the best soccer as we know it, Brazil.

C. Vela, G. Dos Santos, C. Villaluz (what GOLASO vs. Holland), E. Guzman, E. Valdez, P. Araujo > Sa...who? Sa...aaaa. WTF is his name anyways? (H)

#1 Stunna

The Alpha Mexican
I got to give it to Sahin for that goa vs Brazil. (Y)

Whether or not hes the best player, we really dont care. It doesnt matter whos the best player of the cup if he has crappy players around him. So keep ur "best player" title... we have a solid team and we're in the final.


Reserve Team
Im not Turkish so you are not offending me in any way. Nuri just deserves more respect. Turkey won the Euro championship with their team so they cant be crap.


Senior Squad
Nuri Sahin is the best player in tournament..He called up for Turkish National Team..I think he will play his first international match with Turkey against Germany next week..