FIFA U-17 World Championship - Peru 2005


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i heard that some of the players on teams from africa were not really under 17, has anyone else heard about this...

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you see it is wuite obvious that these african teams players are older than what they actuallysay they are.

For instance Porto had a player in their juniour team last season.he was the younger bro of Amunike(nigerian international--retired) He was supposeldy 18 but ppl thought that was bull****, he had a full grown beard. After investigation the Nigerian Fa lied and he was actually 22. That got him kicked out of the team/

why do u think these african players tend to reach their peak earlier than others, cuz when they are 25 they are actually in their peak years aka 28-30 years old. That's why they also tend to fade away earlier than others. Again this isn't as evident now, but it did happen and still does


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The Gambians looked in their 20s.

Clemens Westerhof, former coach of Nigeria, said that most of the players on the U-20 squad were older than they claimed. He also said John Owoeri is at least 2 years older than he claims to be.


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USA 3 - Italy 1

LMAO what a funny game. Lot of fighting, cards, and a coach sent off :nape:

I like that Arvizu kid and Nakazawa seems like a real deadball specialist.


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Hell, even Cisse looks way older than his age. I would give that guy after a first look, something like 25 years of age. Yet he's 21 or 22. But he's a Liverpool player so shhhhhh. :chew:


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Brasil FINALLY played well!
They beat Holland 2-1!

Now we MUST beat Qatar!

I cant believe the US is TEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRing it up! But those ARE some big strong kids out there


The Brazil-Netherlands match looked good, I'd like to see some of those players sticking to big european clubs in the following years.

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Ghana hasn't won. Korea trashed Ivory Coast. Brazil and Italy lost to Gambia and the US. Uruguay's eliminated.

What an odd tournament.

Ok, scratch the last one. :nape:

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mexico is looking good up til now; i think they are real prodpects to be champions; not just cause of there wins; but because of their convincing playmaking; USa is looking good too; brazil is looking bad up til now; but dont count them out cause they always accelarate at quarterfinals
Ruben Sosa said:
Ghana hasn't won. Korea trashed Ivory Coast. Brazil and Italy lost to Gambia and the US. Uruguay's eliminated.
USA beating Italy at the U-17 level is not much of an upset. In fact, a lot of people considered the US team the favorites in the group. Looks like they were right.

I was disappointed by USA's opening match but I'm much more confident after the Italy win. We played some seriously good soccer and the Italians never had a chance. We could definitely do without the goalkeeping gaffes though, two games in a row now.