1. shoneroma90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    > FREE MODS Project - LONG INFO < This thread is a list of Mods currently in the making from various authors around the Soccer Gaming. They all need whatever help you can offer so we can all work togheter as a community and make Fifa Mods/Patches FREE for everyone to use ! Bellow is the list...
  2. shoneroma90

    FREE MODS Project / Collaboration - All in One Place

    Will be updated. ------------------------------------------- FREE MODS List
  3. Hector Huarcaya


    -Fully playable career mode -Liga 1 Betsson -All players recreated with stats, mini faces and appearances. -All teams recreated with team sheets, 2021 uniforms, banners, flags and logos -There are no fake players in the whole game. -Bicentennial Cup in Career and Tournament mode -Conmebol...


    The best FREE Mod/Patch for FIFA 21 in Brazil is finally out. It took a lot of time to make and a lot of effort. I hope you guys enjoy it, and as we are already the V2 that will include Brazil's Serie B, we would like the most help we can find on this forum. If you would like to help us with...
  5. 2bhex

    2b's Hungary Patch for FIFA 21

    Hello friends! I would like to start this thread for my Hungary mod that I'm doing for fifa 21. I will post updates and screenshots of the mod and I will share the links for it here once it is finished. Would really like your feedback, and appreciate your help. Thank you!
  6. Exofifa

    FRP ALPHA First BIG PATCH for FIFA 21!

    Me and the FRP team is proud to announce the release of the first version of FRP 21! It has a ton of graphical changes and has licensed Juventus and AS Roma. Full feature list in the download.
  7. MarlonRios10

    Ecuadorian League Patch (In Progress)

    Hi every one i am creating a patch about The Liga Pro Ecuador, I having a great progress and I am looking for people who could colaborate with me to makle this patch. I really hope this mod could be complete, I really wish latin and ecuadorian modders could make a great work editing. CARRER...
  8. M

    FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch by Afif

    Since i got some free time during Covid-19 Pandemic, i made this as contribution to the FIFA 20 community. I attach these files (.fbproject , .fbmod , and edited data folder ) into .zip so you can edit the way you like it. This patch compatible with March 31st update. Patch Notes: +Training...
  9. AcoolFIfa

    FIFA 14 Road to EURO 2020 patch

    All UEFA National Teams The patch has 3 game modes - Qualification of EURO 2020 with real groups - EURO 2020 with real groups - League of Nations with real groups (Bonus tournament, no access to EURO from it) New Team Forms Euro and League of Nations Qualification Balls Overview: Download here
  10. B

    F’15 2019/20 PROJECT

    Hy guys, FIFA 15 lovers ! I need some help if someone want to help me. I want to make an update to FIFA15, and after everything works 100% i upload here. • I need minifaces,league logos, team logos ,trophies in resolution for FIFA 15. • In the next days i coming with some screens. Thanks :quote:
  11. Samka

    FIFA 14 Next Season Patch 2020

    New patch by Micano4u DOWNLOAD
  12. K

    Is there anyone who has fifa12 patch for 18 or 19?

    I really want it If somebody have it please, send me a message please
  13. NaFeR

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20 (v.2.2) The second version of the most complete patch for FIFA 20 is available now! If you're looking for a patch with everything licensed (not just graphic stuff), 100% realistic rosters for Brasileirao, new leagues like the Russian Premier League and the Czech Fortuna...
  14. K

    Problem installing Spanish commentary (original FIFA 11)

    Hello everybody, I've been trying to instal the patch Spanish commentary (original FIFA 11) from this thread: I followed the instructions but in game nothing is changed. I'm playing the EU version with...
  15. A

    Big National team Patch

    Hi there! I'm looking for Big National team Patch, seems like this patch doesn't exist anymore :( Maybe does anyone have this one? Thanks in advance.
  16. NaFeR

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19 (v.2.2) Today we are happy to announce the release of our first mod for FIFA 19, FIFA Infinity Patch 19 or FIP 19. Here’s the rundown of features that you will be able to enjoy: Features: - Brasileirao fully updated, with real rosters and missing teams added...
  17. F

    FIFA STREET PS3 (X360) - Console Editing

    Hey guys, recently I played some FIFA Street on the PS3 again after a long time and I enjoyed a lot. It also got me to think, what if we can mod it? And now, it's easier to do so thanks to the PS3Xploit team which brought us some CFW functions on OFW consoles, including installing custom...
  18. Prof4x4

    When Does The FIFA 19 Editor Come Out?

    When does the FIFA 19 editor come out?
  19. G

    FULL LEAGUES 2018/19

    Liga MX 2018/19 -Ball -Adboards-- -Some Faces- -Full Roster Kits 2018/19 Link: SPL - Scotish Premier League 2018/19 Ball Adboards Kits 2018/19 Full...
  20. G


    PREMIER 2018/19 FULL KITS 300 FACES BALL ADBOARDS LINK FIXED! LINK fifa08updates on facebook!