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  • Hello, regarding the mods for the Switch versions of FIFA 20 and 21, I was wondering if you had made any for 19 too (which is the only one I have)?
    Or what tools did you use so I can try making my own if you haven't?
    Please reply.
    I want to say thank you for your patch of FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 on Switch. I enjoy it a lot. I am new to modding scene and want to continue your current FIFA 21 patch.
    I really want to add new face for some players and replace some third kits club to another. Can you give me some link to tutorial or tools so i can learn by myself.
    Thank you and I hope you doing well.
    Hi mate do you have the working .cff and .rx3 files for Fifa 12 Cyber Face Converter?
    Please share if you do. I want to create some faces
    Hello, help please, how to add new faces, logo to your patch for FIFA 21 SWITCH? It turns out only to replace. And how to edit patch.bh?
    editing faces is a bit complex currently I lost all my tools that I had backups on a hard drive
    basically you need to have fifa 15 and facemaster installed in addition to blender with the fifa 14 plugin
    hey diazjesux thanks for the patch! I have been trying to edit the patch but have encountered the "out of memory" issue :( while creating locale.big. Could you please give advise on how to avoid this issue?
    I used to make empty but identically named files and put them with finalbig and then replace them with real files with quickbms
    Hey good morning, are you able to make me test the contract termination fix please?
    Use quickbms (.bat reimport) and script "ea_big4.bms"
    Hola salvador soy michael jara recuerdas que esta intentando convertir una db para ps vita ya lo logre pero lo malo es que no salen algunos nombres de jugadores y algunos jugadores pero lo demas esta bien nose que estare haciendo mal
    esta mal tu tabla playernames talvez rebasaste el limite de nameids
    Ya lo arregle solo me falta arreglar formaciones y nose como hacerlo si me pudieras explicar como hacerlo
    Bro. I really want to get your patch file for fifa 12 . If it is impossible to get whole file , could I get the faces and heads file that you made? Such as salah face in the screenshot
    Привет, можешь мне вытянуть все шрифты и номера Серии Б(именно оригинальные как в чемпионате,я просто незнаю может многие клубы имеют рандомные).У меня Песа нет.Подгонять не нужно я сам переделаю.Заранее благодарю
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