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Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...


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Xbox trick stick

Could you guys find me a list of medium-advanced tricks for the xbox? I don't normally play fifa, im more of a pro evo guy myself. But since i don't have much money, im going with fifa. (the new pro evo game isn't coming out on reg xbox)
i've been messing with it, but when i play, sometimes nothing happens when i try doing the tricks. my guy just runs into the others, and i lose possesion.

help noob xD


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reaper1993;2268998 said:
how to do 1-2 pass in keyboard

Duude, just hold the q buttom and press pass man! q+s= 1 2 pass (in default settings)

q+d= chip shot (default settings)
q+w= overhead through pass (default settings)
q+a= early lod (default settings) where recieving player runs after the ball has been lobbed and attempts to break.

thats about it......... be creative. tats all u need


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I'm having problems with tricks using the keyboards. When I try and do advanced (to me) moves the player will often cutback or only switch lanes, not letting me finish the entire combination.

For example: to do the roll over (aka 360) where you press right+down+left, I can only get to right down before he does the move, which is just a lane change. No matter what I try, fast/slow it always does the same thing

Somethings that could affect it: I'm doing this on practice mode, with no defender - does there have to be somebody there? I'm using players that can do it: ronaldinho, messi etc.


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Does anyone know how to take a first time shot proper, on keyboard? I have send in numerous crosses right to a Forward who just balloons the ball even though he is one on one with the keeper. He either volleys across the goal mouth, or does an overhead kick but all seems to go over. I can't seem to get it right on practice mode either.


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Well to do a volley shot no matter how far o close you are you shoot give power that is half to what you shoot when the ball is on the ground.This works for me(Recently scored a class volley from etoo)


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I can't seem to nail down the rainbow kick down in FIFA. When I go for it I have to hope it is b/c sometimes I pull off a 360 spin and vise-versa. Does anyone here how to do both a rainbow kick and the 360 spin correctly? I'm using the logtech rumblepad 2.


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If you are talking about PS2 then the trick stick is the right analog stick. If you play on PC then it is the shift key(to do tricks).

messi walcott

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Puma1;2279420 said:
I can't seem to nail down the rainbow kick down in FIFA. When I go for it I have to hope it is b/c sometimes I pull off a 360 spin and vise-versa. Does anyone here how to do both a rainbow kick and the 360 spin correctly? I'm using the logtech rumblepad 2.

Rainbow kick is rotate the trick clockwise, and 360 is the other way, it would be the other way round not sure though.

Ghasede Del

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ok any body if have you problem with your gampad use this metod for your game pad becuse fifa 07 full work wit logitec game pad and this method give to you full control gamepad for fifa07 in pc :amika:

1. click start, then run
2. type in "regedit" without the quotes
3. on the left side, open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
4. open SYSTEM
6. open CONTROL
9. open JOYSTICK
10. open OEM
11. once u have done this you will need to search for your controller. the name of the controller will be shown on the right. click on every folder until you find your controller. when you have found your controller, double click OEMName on the right section. in the box type in "Logitech Dual Action" without the quotes. once you are done click on ok, and dont forget to save.

you should now be able to use the right analogue stick of your controller

ps the reason for changing the name to logitech dual action is because i know that fifa supports this controller. you can use a different model, but isnt gauranteed to work. i have a generic controller with analogue sticks and this methods works 100%.:clapwap:


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hello, legit!
i've seen that no one reply to you so i'll try to help you out.
go in practice mode and choose a team with high-rated players(barcelona for example).controll ronaldinho or messi and do the following:hold shift while you go forward than try these combination(do it enough fast and smooth): left-back/down-right for the rainbow trick or
right-back/down-left for the roulette trick. Hope you'll get it done.


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Another kind of trick(which looks like a bug, but in my opinion isn't, it just add more fun)is the powerfull shot on the ground from your half.So you could score
with your goalkeeper or your defenders, if they are straight to opponent's team goal.
Just do like this: quick push lob-shoot keys or buttons when you are in your half=supershot!