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Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...


Youth Team
Well let me contribute first :)

If u hold the pass button longer, player will not pass the ball to the nearest player, but the player that is further if there is any in that direction. Just like in PES, which is good.

It is same for lob through pass. Try it when u are at your side or at the half and pick direcion and hold L1 + triangle. It will make it longer and if possible - to further player.

edit::: Make pass to a player and hold R2 and L2 button before receiving the pass. Player will let the ball pass beside him and then u can run for it.

U can do a fake shot or fake pass: hold shoot button and then press pass while holding the shot button. Hold long pass button and at the same time press the pass button.

Ill come back later.

(remember that if u already know some tricks, it doesnt mean that everyone knows it)


Youth Team
Finesse shot:

Z and C on keyboard are equivalents for L2 and R2. So try different angles for shooting and learn which foot player uses for shooting and press C or Z while shooting. I think thats it.


Club Supporter
i've noticed that many are furious (or, dissapointed) about the new trick-stick (right analog)

but i got news for you!! bcuz, as far as i can see, the right analog stick DO work! :D

but only when theres need for it, fx. the score was 0-0, i was barca with ronaldinho running with the ball, then i get close to an opponent, and I flick and spin and crash and kill the right stick like crazy!, and then he made the step-over-liftup-with-heel-and-over-head trick... :O

so you just need to seek the challenges, before you can use it (witch i btw, find VERY cool)


Youth Team
So people dont get confused, the skill stick only works when the pressure is off either on the player or on the scoreboard. And players like RONALDO, RONALDINHO, BECKHAM PLAYERS OF THAT SKILL WORK ALL OF THE TIME.


Club Supporter
I did the zidane move (roulete) by klose BY moving the right analoge in a circle , then i tried to do the same move by frings but he Drag the ball the moved it into different direction .

May be players have different moves using same directions for RAS (right analoge stick)


Starting XI
from another forums

"All I know and i can help u with are the tricks:

I will explain them by describing the situations from the "new skills" trailer or directly from the game.

Ia)When the player slowly goes backwards with the ball facing the defender, then, when the defender atacks him, he fast changes the direction:

When at 2-5 meters from an opponent player press and hold "C" + backwords, when the defender is very close to you and he tries to attack you, vrey fast release "C" and backwords and (still quick) press shift + left or right.

Ib)I think this one is nicer. Simply fooling the defender (A LOT MORE RISCKY)

When at 3-5 meters from an opponent press and hold "C" + forward+left or forward+right (make him go slow like that for 1 sec or 2) than fast release "C" and the direction and fast press shift + forward+right or forward+left or left or right but be carefull not to head in the opponent :P

II)When a defender is sliding to a striker (or is close to him) and the striker quikly changes the direction of the ball and pushes it 2-3 meters away than he goes for it.

When a defender is 1 meter close and he is acting like is ready to attack you simply press shift and left or right or forward+left or forward+right. But dont do it when u are not to close to a defender or when he is not ready to attack you because then he will get the ball or will chase u very close.

III)A little bit risky trick but when it works is very nice and very very usefull. This one makes the player stop in front of an opponent and then fast get past him.

U have to be in the situation when your running and ure getting close to a deffender. When your 2- 3-4 meters away (depends how fast the player is running) press "C" just for a short moment then fast Shift + the direction u want to go.

I still dont know how to make the most beautifull trick from that trailer :(:( maybe someone can help me

Hope is going to help u and post if u know nicer tricks.

By the way, if u didn't know when u execute a free kick (or a penalty i guess) u can change the player by holding "E" (the sprint button i thing) or "W" or "R" : P im not sure, something from there and then press up or down

To drible there are 3 posibilities. Firts u have to get near a defender than:
1.pres shift and quick left or right or at the same time forward+left or forward+right

2.pres C and backwards wait for the defender to atack u and then when he almost got u fast press shift+left or shift+right

3.(a litle bit difrent) (forget the near the defender thing) when u are 10 meters from the defender, run 'till ure 2-3 meters away from him lets say than quick first press C than shift and forward+right or forward+left "

"Finesse shot: D+Z
Tricks: shift + arrow buttons
First Touch: shift
Q+D: chip shot (near by the keeper)
D+C: chip shot (long)
finesse shot on pc pad is L2 + Circle

FIFA 07 C.Ronaldo Skill Move pt.2

FIFA 07 C. Ronaldo Step Over

FIFA 07 C. Ronaldo Signature Dive

i've finally did the trick...
it's the last trick in ea gameplay promocial video...
while running from left to right:
shift + up/left/down
(probably on 2 playerscan do it...)
you know which..

FIFA 07 Ronaldinho Flip Flap!!!


Senior Squad
What are the keys combination to make the tricks in the videos in previous topic like Ronaldo Step over and others?

Punk Sk8r

Youth Team
yh i got a PS2 controller and when i toggle the right stick now tricks happen i have to press it lke 5 times to let a trick happen?


Youth Team
the tricks are good, but i don't like the fact that u don't have total controll over it, they are so random wich is bad, amen we should be able to do tricks when we want like in real life when u play football , not like smashing the right stick till u lose the ball the nothing hapen :kader:
i don't mind losing the ball while am doing tricks if the timing its not right, but not the way it works now, ihope we will find a way how to perform them (C)


Club Supporter
I thought I'd add a trick in here since I don't see it, but excuse me if we already know it, I'm just adding it incase some of us don't. When crossing the ball, double tap the cross button, the player will cross the ball along the ground, instead of in the air, just like in Winning Eleven, nice! And now I have some trick questions :) I haven't played FIFA in years, atleast since 2001 or so, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do a 1-2 pass? Also, is it possible for players to back heal the ball instead of just spinning around to pass it the player behind them? And one last trick question, I don't know what the move is called, I think just a "flick over", but basically if your back is facing the goals, and the ball comes to you and bounces knee height, is it possible to flick the ball over your head, and then either kick the ball while it's in the air, or chest it down to either kick it ahead, play on or pass the ball off? I haven't had any luck :( Other than this, I will just put in my 2 cents worth here. I think EA have completely outdone themselves this time, as someone else already mentioned, (I don't know if it was in this forum or EA's), but they have really nailed it. It's action packed, responsive and exciting. Can't WAIT for the full version to come out.


Club Supporter
Amoroso said:
how to do the ronaldinho thing?i mean the flip flap
I can perform it by holding shift+forward and press left or right twice but i don't know how to do it with right stick of gamepad, Anyone know?


Reserve Team
VladoMontenegro said:
Well let me contribute first :)

If u hold the pass button longer, player will not pass the ball to the nearest player, but the player that is further if there is any in that direction. Just like in PES, which is good.

I think that passing mode works better in this game than it does in PES actually.
That bit about '..Make pass to a player and hold R2 and L2 button before receiving the pass..' Isnt it the same as the cancel button which is 7 I think?

mcdonry said:
lol Beckham my arse. He is full of tricks eh?