The Inter Milan Thread [2007/2008]


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F.C. Internazionale Milano


Football Club Internazionale Milano is an Italian football club based in Milan, Lombardy, which plays in Serie A. The club was founded March 9, 1908. In Italy it is commonly known as Inter or Internazionale, but it is often named Inter Milan in English-speaking countries.

Inter has been one of the most successful clubs in the history of Italian football, having won 15 Scudetti, 5 Coppa Italia, and 3 Italian Super Cups (as of April 22, 2007). Inter has also won 2 European Cups (Champions League), 3 UEFA Cups, and has been World Champions two times. They are also the only club who always played in the Italian top tier.

The club wears blue and black stripes, which gives the origin of their Nerazzurri nickname. Inter has one of the biggest fan bases in Italy, along with its two biggest rivals, AC Milan and Juventus.

Current squad

As of June 26, 2007

No. Position Player
1 GK Francesco Toldo
2 DF Iván Córdoba
4 DF Javier Zanetti (captain)
5 MF Dejan Stanković
6 DF Maxwell
7 MF Luís Figo
8 FW Zlatan Ibrahimović
9 FW Julio Cruz
10 FW Adriano
12 GK Júlio César
13 MF Maicon
14 MF Patrick Vieira
15 MF Olivier Dacourt
16 DF Nicolás Burdisso
18 FW Hernán Crespo (on loan from Chelsea)
19 MF Esteban Cambiasso

No. Position Player
21 MF Santiago Solari
22 GK Paolo Orlandoni
23 DF Marco Materazzi
25 DF Walter Samuel
29 FW David Suazo
36 DF Simone Fautario (from youth team)
45 MF Daniel Maa Boumsong (from youth team)
50 MF Ibrahim Maaroufi (from youth team)
51 DF Leonardo Bonucci (from youth team)
57 FW Attila Filkor (from youth team)
58 FW Jonathan Biabiany (from youth team)
61 FW Goran Slavkovski (from youth team)
77 DF Marco Andreolli
79 GK Fabián Carini

Confirmed future transfers 2007-2008

No. Position Player
DF Rincón (loan return from Empoli F.C.)
MF Tijani Belaid (loan return from PSV Eindhoven)
FW Hernán Crespo (on loan from Chelsea)
FW Robert Acquafresca (loan return from Treviso)
FW David Suazo (from Cagliari)
DF Nelson Rivas (from River)

No. Position Player
60 FW Sebastián Ribas (to Livorno)
45 MF Daniel Maa Boumsong (to Treviso F.B.C. 1993)
51 DF Leonardo Bonucci (to Treviso F.B.C. 1993)
FW Ianis Zicu (to FC Dinamo Bucureşti)
MF David Pizarro (to A.S. Roma)
11 DF Fabio Grosso (to Lyon)
20 FW Alvaro Recoba (to Torino, on Loan)

Non-playing staff
Roberto Mancini, Head Coach
Siniša Mihajlović, Assistant Coach
Fausto Salsano, Technical Assistant
Giulio Nuciari, Goalkeeper Coach
Ivan Carminati, Atlethic Trainer Manager
Giannicola Bisciotti, Atlethic Trainer
Claudio Gaudino, Atlethic Trainer
Marco Branca, Director in charge of transfers



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Haha, okay than, thanks.

I think this season we should play Zanetti on the left and Maicon on the right.

We also signed columbian Nelson Rivas from Boca (he's a defender). Anyone know anything about him? His skills? Positions?


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not sure, maybe we got a good offer from lyon

I wasn't that impressed with his stay at inter milan, even using maxwell dosen't seem like much of a downgrade


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what's the deal with Chivu? Pink Italian paper (forgot the name) and say he's here but nothing on the inter website. anybody?


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In his press conference, Chivu himself confirmed that he will be moving to Inter Milan.

However due to the formal deposition of the signed contract to the FIGC offices, he will be presented on monday/tuesday.


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We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

WOOOOOT! Let's get this **** started, man.

Always been a big fan of his, man. Glad he's finally on board!


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I saw your game today. Man, Valencia really mopped the floor with those English-looking shirts of yours.

btw I liked how Adriano played. I think he'll be back this season. Also, f*go really slows your team down. Is he going to start for Inter?


So since Grosso is gone Chivu is pretty much guaranteed to start right? Should be interesting to see how he'll perform.


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^^^ oh, MOST DEF!!! Even if Grosso was still around he'd be starting.

He's most likely gonna be used as a CB at Inter with the occasional pinch-hitting at the LB spot.

Vedran-10;2370187 said:
I saw your game today. Man, Valencia really mopped the floor with those English-looking shirts of yours.

btw I liked how Adriano played. I think he'll be back this season. Also, f*go really slows your team down. Is he going to start for Inter?

LOL....cmon, brah. Those jerseys are way classy.....make you wanna go head-on into battle with a bunch of sleep deprived and irate SPPPPAAARTAANNNNS!!

Anyway, yeah. About Figo....the man's a ******* living legend. A field general both on the pitch and in the locker-rooms, you, know? Someone the team is inspired by and listens to, someone they'd go to hell and back for, man. So we need that veteran leadership and presence of his.....that's a key element for a club whose Ambitions are as grand as ours, you know?

You shouldn't be too down on em over one lousy game anyway...especially a preseason one. He only started in half the games last season and was pretty decent with his usual awesome fighting spirit, awareness and distribution skills, but he was best when coming off the bench at around the 70th minute mark or so, when the opposition was breaking down and getting tired and his geezer legs were fresh and lively. So I think that he'll have a similar role to that one this season, which I'm totally cool with.


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We're in desperate need of a creative midfielder....a fantasista of sorts, man.

I guess that Stanko and figo can both fill that role as the providers linking the DMs to the forwards, but they're first and foremost attackminded, look for their own opportunities types of ballers, man. We need someone who's just gonna concentrate mostly on being a creator for others, you know? Because when yer third leading scorer was a CB last season, you know yer having creative midfielder woes, man.

Of course, if it was all up to me, that slot would belong to King Recoba but......