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The English Premier League Discussion Thread


Starting XI
Haha yeah it's not bad. Got me laughing for a sec for real! But signing so many new players at once (and the wrong ones) can never end well. The squad needs to adapt and the players need to get used to eachother. Why is that guy Ryan Mason starting over Paulinho is beyond me.


Starting XI
Yeah he hasn't really adapted to Spurs so good. But the guy was really good for Corinthians and has usually been pretty good for the Brazilian national team as well, although he hasn't warranted call-ups lately if I'm not mistaken. I think the EPL isn't really for him. And Tottenham can be really shite at times.


You'd better behave yourself this time!
nady;3811724 said:
we need u back, Amol.
Haha Im here !
hows it going?
Lost regular touch of every United game. Manage to watch a few though.
Just disappointed with a few things LVG has implied. But maybe he has a long term plan


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Significant u21 talents either play first team or on loan somewhere nowadays, youth tier competitions are B-grade now


Team Captain
Mus;3813506 said:
Significant u21 talents either play first team or on loan somewhere nowadays, youth tier competitions are B-grade now

Man Utd's academy produces more top-level players than any other team except Barcelona.


I think our academy is good but in order to produce a worldclass player, you need natural talent also which we have not had for years.

EDIT: well Pogba. He joined when he was 16 so this counts but he left. :( Also Pique who left.


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Bobby;3813566 said:
We play in Youth Division 2 and finished 5th (H).

That's because the top academy players play for the first team. (H) I think Arsenal's strength is the fantastic scouting system.


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Life Ban
And once again we can laugh at Arsenal who couldn't get so much as a silver medal if you shoved it down their throats.


The Legend
We haven't scored at home in like 10 years. Signings badly needed this summer, and not Theo and Ox being "like new signings" either.

Sunderland have 17 draws (H). One more and they set the league record (they've already tied it - NUFC 03-04, Villa twice).