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The English Premier League Discussion Thread


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
Chelsea got into the CL when Abramovic bought them. Your approach reminds me of the American Dream mantra that if you work hard enough you might just make it. But then you get old money types getting all the cool shit because their great grandparents were successful. Without Chelsea and City the Prem might have become another Germany or Spain with a boring ass league where 1-2 teams dominate every year.


The Legend
Pannu;3808430 said:
City and Chelsea would still be mid to bottom table and perhaps Oldham Athletic could have won the FA cup. We'll never know now with City and Chelsea winning all the cup competitions.

Who and when were the last British players to come through the youth academy at City and Chelsea again? :P

Ryan Bertrand and Emyr Huws.


Make America Great Again
Pannu;3808421 said:
I simply find the whole fantasy football approach an easy way of getting success somewhat unfair because it isn't the correct way to run a football club. Call me old fashioned but the proper way to run a football club is by gaining success by working hard, building a team that will play together and last years by building a team from youth and if need be, buy players to enhance your team but only from the funds gained from sponsorships, gate receipts and television money. The whole, get a billionaire to buy your club to gain quick success is an insult to all smaller clubs who with working hard and building a team over time, can or should have won a trophy. Many examples such as Portsmouth, Wigan and Everton who have built teams over a period of time and have won the domestic cups fair and square. Could you imagine how many smaller clubs might have won trophies if Chelsea and Manchester City weren't bought by billionaires who have simply used their financial power to bring in the best players to form a title winning team?

Using Portsmouth as an example of a club that has sound finances is a little off.


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
I'm sure all the people who worked for the organization and had to get laid off are glad that they have that place in history.

Chelsea won fair and square, too, you know. It just doesn't coincide with your antiquated world view.


Team Captain
If Chelsea and City didn't get the money, the league could have been as shit as Serie A with only 1 or 2 teams competing. It would have been Man U and Arsenal then.


Lee Craig Stewart
ShiftyPowers;3808578 said:

No, it's not the same. I loved them both kicking two shades out of each other and the fisticuffs. They were both real footballing men who didn't take any shit and would always fight back when they or their team mates were being antagonised. I loved watching their programme on ITV, it brought back the passion and goosebumps.