Rendered Minifaces pack


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I've rendered the minifaces for 18989 players using the player capture system created by EA, game is using this for created players and homegrown talents. The minifaces are matching the player in-game appearance. I've used the squadfile from 5th Feb 2021, so you won't find minifaces for icons, managers and volta characters.

For easier use I've splited the minifaces between 3 categories:

1. All (18989 minifaces) - all minifaces that I've generated
2. Players that doesnt have one (2916 minifaces) - minifaces for players that doesn't have a miniface (replacement for all gray silhouettes)
3. Clubs - Miniface segregated by club, so if you need only minifaces for FC Barcelona players then download the FC Barcelona folder. The minifaces for players in non-playable clubs are in "NotFound" folder.

FIFA 21 Live Editor

How to install:

1. Unzip archive
2. Move the LiveEditorMods folder to root game directory 3. Run the game & Live Editor




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Would it be possible to share the code or something to get Minifaces for completly new players too?
I've added this feature in FIFA 21 Live Editor v21.1.0.5.

There is "Generate miniface" button on the right side in players editor.

It's also possible to mass generate minifaces with lua script, for example:
local data = {

local bIsInCM = IsInCM();
if (bIsInCM) then
    for i=1, #data do
        local playerid = data[i]
        local teamid = GetTeamIdFromPlayerId(playerid)
        if (teamid <= 0) then
            teamid = 111
        -- You need to manually create the "generated minifaces" folder in your game root directory
        -- Or just change the output path to the path that exists
        local path = string.format("generated minifaces/p%d.DDS", playerid)
        AddMinifaceToGenerate(playerid, teamid, path)
    Log("Start Generating")