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  1. himre20

    How can you add minifaces for created players (or for those who do not have) ?

    I know the Live Editor way but i can't do with it. Everytime i try to import i got a crash. Maybe i use wrong kind od DDS or i don't know what's the problem.
  2. G

    Minifaces 2021/22 ByGiancovalencia

    Chelsea 2021/22
  3. J

    FIFA Minifaces 21/22

    Hello guys, I will be making some minifaces of the season 21/22, if you like to download them I will be publishing them here
  4. soria

    Graphics: Campeonato Uruguayo 2021 by soria

    Hello everybody! I get back into the editions of the "Campeonato Uruguayo" and this time with the 2021 edition. I bring you the graphics of this league, including minifaces, adboards, flags, trophys, and more. I hope it serves you! MONTEVIDEO CITY (Including the new transfers...
  5. diazjesux

    minifaces Serie BKT 20-21

    Virtus Entella Download
  6. Aranaktu

    Rendered Minifaces pack

    I've rendered the minifaces for 18989 players using the player capture system created by EA, game is using this for created players and homegrown talents. The minifaces are matching the player in-game appearance. I've used the squadfile from 5th Feb 2021, so you won't find minifaces for icons...
  7. The World of FIFA


    This mod replaces youth faces with default faces updated to the latest version of FIFA 21 Mod English version: http://apticirl.com/1FsH Mod Spanish version: http://apticirl.com/1Ft6
  8. Alphonso White

    Faces by GESTUS

    minifaces Bournemouth ссылка: https://file-link.net/184989/Bournemouth
  9. L

    miniheads and other graphic

    Here I will upload my editions for fifa15 List: Inter Udinese MODDINGWAY MOD 1.0.5 ALL IN ONE: moddingway ranbac.xyz
  10. P

    Philips'19 Graphics

    AFC Slutsk (Slutsk, Belarus)