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real madrid thred


Youth Team
I was living in Cádiz until 2012.. since 15 years of my life.. and the joke was AMAZING.. jajajaja.. people in the streets can't stop laughing of real madrid.. that was an historical ridiculous..

BENÍTEZ, GORDITO, TE HARTAS DE PHOSKITOS! Translation: (Benítez, fat, you eat much phoskitos!)

Cherisev I love youuu...


Starting XI
After Madrid's squad against Getafe was announced Marcelo tweets to say "fully recovered and available". (H)

Marcelo is not in the squad.


Starting XI


Senior Squad
Benitez should be sacked for that. He knew damn well Cheryshev was suspended and he obviously thought he could get one past the RFEF.


Youth Team
I think Benitez was wrong too but it's not the only one. Florentino, Chendo, Benítez.. and Cheryshev of course.

A top team like Madrid CAN'T have these kind of mistakes. An ex-referee of 2ºB Spanish Liga (Emilio Rosanes) know about the ban.. and a top club no??? It's ridiculous.

Do you know Madrid partners are going to demand Madrid?


This is very hard. The worst, is Florentino Pérez can't admite they were wrong.. he think they're doing right.


Banned - Playing with Fire
Aren't they giving everyone their money back for the tickets? I thought that would be common sense.