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real madrid thred


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Xaviesta;3886298 said:
Ronaldo after yesterday's game: "I don't seek out records, records seek me out."

What the....

Reminds me of Downey's quote from Tropic Thunder..." I don't read scrips, scrips read me." :crazy:


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Xaviesta;3885000 said:
Benzema scored and Ronaldo protested why he wasn't awarded a foul. Tragic club.

Labelling a club as "tragic" because of one persons' actions doesn't sound very right. But since it's Real afterall, I guess tragic is softly put.


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Ronaldo now has zero goals against Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla, Villarreal, PSG, Atleti, Bilbao etc. Eibar and Celta only top-half teams he's scored against.

"In my mind, I am the best player"


Today i have read an interview to him where he says stupid stuff like he had to iron his clothes when he was a teenager and that made his winning mentality. He also said his life is not that easy and put as example: i want to bring my friend amd family to Las Vegas next week but i cant because i have to train.

What a ****


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You have blatantly misrepresented what he said. I am honestly very disappointed in you. I thought you were better than Xaviesta but I see the 2008 Arnau is still there.

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Surprised there's so little discussion about this...

EDIT: Wish Perez had done it a little earlier so Rafa could take over interim at the Bridge again