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it is not a bug......but if u want to change that amound then u have to go to the tournament section in creation master(The world cup logo) the select uefa--->England---->Premier league. and u can change the prize sum from there.
I, too, thought that it should be there. But I could not find it. Need to look again...


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Is there a way to change the pre-contract signature rule? the game only allows over 23, but in real life it can be before, see the case of Eric Garcia, who is going to Barça. He is only 20 years old, and can now sign a pre-contract. It's possible? How to do it?
Also interested in this question. Set the value to at least 21 years


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In this case u have to select the fifa 14 folder that located inside the program files folder and click right button and select properties. In the properties menu u can see permission tab. u have to click and select allow all permission for all users
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Hello friends, I wanted to ask for help, if someone can tell me how to insert third kits using cm14 or 15 without having problems in career mode, help me.


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Hello friends, I wanted to ask for help, if someone can tell me how to insert third kits using cm14 or 15 without having problems in career mode, help me.
Go to the kit section and select your team kit then click the "replicate button" . then , select the team and the type of kit (in this case 3rd kit).
import the third kit file with the help of "import Rx3" button and select suitable jersey name color from the color selection list and font from font selection list, also find proper collor type from the collor selection list.
Click save button that located near to the "import Rx3" option. and enjoy :)

Remember...adding new kits doesn't change the main database so, you can continue your career and tournament without any issue


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Hey all, if you guys made some additions/mods to your favorite (domestic) league, I think everyone would be happy to see them uploaded here.
For instance, personally I know nothing about the Brazilian league, but when I decide to play a match there I'd definitely like to see authentic kits, jersey fonts, kitbumbers, etc.

As an example, here's a Cyrillic font mod I made for the Russian PL: DOWNLOAD
Obviously it is not perfect since Cyrillic alphabet has more letters than Latin, but it works in most cases. Especially if you don't read Russian and just want to bring some spice into your matches on a cold rainy night in Novosibirsk :D
I suggest assigning it to RPL (all teams use one font) and you'll still see the Latin jersey names in UCL/UEL games.

You can also find some previously unmade Russian PL banners in the thread, and I plan to add more.
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when did he say that, please?
Someone used his mod to get profit and he warned them so many times.. Still they did that.... At last he informed he never post anything in this thread from now one. You can reach him through his youtube channel