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Hey all, if you guys made some additions/mods to your favorite (domestic) league, I think everyone would be happy to see them uploaded here.
For instance, personally I know nothing about the Brazilian league, but when I decide to play a match there I'd definitely like to see authentic kits, jersey fonts, kitbumbers, etc.

As an example, here's a Cyrillic font mod I made for the Russian PL: DOWNLOAD

You can also find some previously unmade Russian PL banners in the thread, and I plan to add more.
Thank you for Cyrillic font!
But some cyrillic symbols such as "Ж", "Я" are not displayed in game... (or i dont understand, how i can translate family such as Oblyakov or Dzhikiya)
Is it possible to fix it?


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hello Friends could someone help me, how do I leave the model of baggy shirts without being glued to the body?


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can someone help me my career mode keeps crashing at august 10 2020
It is a bug of fifa 14. If you want to solve this, one option is reload one of the previous save file (behind 2 or 3 match day) and replay again.... If it's still not work. Then, the next option is reload any previous save file and apply and accept any job offer from another club ( you must have to transfer to that new team before that crashing date)