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  • hi harry congrats on a great patch can you add liga 2 romania in the futher if you can thancks and lots of hetlh to you and your family
    Good evening my friend @Harry BullZak I want to ask you something, can you help me with this issue? There is a FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.0 FIP Boot Manager fip bootlist file in it, how can you add Encryption Pack etc. to it, I want to learn it. Thank you in advance.
    hello, take it easy, i like the fifa 14 patch very much, when will fip v.5 come, will the fa 23 super turkey league 23 jerseys be?
    Harry hi! I wanted to disable transfers in the "cmsettings.ini" file because I like to play with real lineups. But now the career takes off on the 20th of June. Please tell me how you can fix :? previously, in the v3 mod, I could play with the transfer disabled
    Hi. I look forward to when new mod will be publish! From what date will the team lineups be updated?
    Friend Harry just a doubt, do you know how to clone Formations in DB master? so that I can add more teams. there is the possibility of cloning the formation to be able to have more team in Career Mode without the error, in FIFA 14 it has a limitation of 899, it would have a chance to increase it to 1000, if so I would like to know how.
    there is the possibility to clone formation to be able to have more team in Career Mode without the error, in FIFA 14 has the 899 limitation, would have a chance to increase to 1000, if you have I would like to know how.
    Hello Harry, How are you? I hope and well Harry, I could help you create FIFA minifacts if you want, as there are teams like (Norwich.PSV) have new minifaces.
    How can I make the player ratings visible to make the manager mode transfer more comfortable?

    It takes too long to send scouts. I want to open ratings
    @Harry BullZak , Man, could you launch an update of the original sountrack of the game for example the one of Fifa 21 or some other without this implying violating the copyrights ... greetings
    Harry do you know if a patch or mod exists for the way the players grow in Career Mode ? I want my players to have realistic development without 99 ratings everywhere . The patch doesn't necessary have to be for fifa 14 .
    Greetings friend, great patch, the best and ideal for FIFA 14, I would like to know when version 2.10 comes out with the stadium package included? thanks
    Hello, excellent pach friend, you could upload the V2 in two parts since there are people who can not download all 5.6 GB at once, in my case the download is canceled when I arrive at 4 GB. Please raise the patch in two parts or upload it through Mediafire
    Dear HarryBullZak,
    could you please send me downloadig links regarding FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)?
    Thank you in advance for your rsponse.
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