New Faces Converted [tokke001]


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Previous screen from Locatelli, (FIFA 11, converted from FIFA 22 pc update 6)

there s still improvements to do :
but working on it & coming in the near future ! :)

@Deutsche Löwe
You are crushing fifa modding, again!
God bless you!


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I use a selfmade programming scripts to convert from fbx to rx3,
So without blender

Similar to the balls/shoes etc,
I will post the faces from fifa 22 update 6-8 (original format) here:

And later on this thread, the fifa 11 conversion of them
So it is about to happen. When I set up an account here, I didn't even know it was possible. And now it will happen. We will be able to convert basically ... everything.


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Hello Tokke! Are FIFA online 4 heads automatically compatible with FIFA 11, 12, and 13?
All faces from this thread are in fifa 11 format,
They are not compatible with later fifas
(To start the rx3 format is different and will crash the game)

On my other thread u can find files from/for various games :
The fo4 faces posted there are in original format,
Wich means with fo4 skeleton, wich is same as fifa 22 pc skeleton: but different from other games
-> fo4 faces are not compatible with other games (u always need convert)


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Face-Pack updated

FIFA 11 face pack updated !

FIFA Online 4 to 11 (StarHeads)

* Pack 3 have been added:
31 Faces From FIFA Online 4 (original formats)
-> 2 updates (of Pack 2)
-> 29 new faces

* Updates
177790 Jędrzejczyk Artur (head-model + face-text)
238144 Nguyễn Hoàng Đức (Neck-Tattoo removed !)

* New
183228 Augustyn Błażej
185109 Sadlok Maciej
185405 Kuciak Dušan
189447 Artur Sobiech
189558 Bartosz Salamon
189908 Skorupski Łukasz
194082 Flávio Paixão
200962 André Martins
210000 Gajos Maciej
210136 Kędziora Tomasz
210406 Zieliński Piotr
211408 Linetty Karol
212138 Frankowski Przemysław
213404 Dawidowicz Paweł
215502 Drągowski Bartłomiej
219293 Helik Michał
221168 Kownacki Dawid
224301 Świderski Karol
224336 Romanczuk Taras
229154 Kliment Jan
234760 Reca Arkadiusz
239179 Arsenić Zoran
239439 Przemysław Płacheta
239768 Alan Czerwiński
239778 Moder Jakub
246649 Filip Marchwiński
252018 Piątkowski Kamil
261208 Škvarka Michal
262800 Mahir Emreli

* Pack 4 have been added:
2 Faces From FIFA Online 4 (original formats)
Pack 4_CM.png

* New
232488 Cristian Romero
238216 Conor Gallagher


FIFA online 4 to 11 (Pack 3) : Link
FIFA online 4 to 11 (Pack 4) : Link


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Then we should consider converting the generic head models from PC, as well. The same way you did with the starheads
That s not possible i afraid:
The fifa 22 pc generic heads dont use fbx files

They use "morph files" for the generic heads :
There is 1 common head-model wich gets morphed for each head-type

U can compare it to the sliders for editing your vpro face,
Where you can change the eyebrow, ... size etc

Those "morph files" arent exportable by the frosty tool,
But I ll make a request for that


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Bah, I believe we can live with some minor hair clipping looool. Damn, this thing gets even more complicated as you proceed further