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  • Bro. I got these new boot models from discord. Pogba's predator accuracy low cut model and Nike Phantom GX model. Both are in fbx. I'm unable to use them. Can you please convert them to rx3 for me? I've uploaded the files here;
    I have any problems with the faces and the neck. I need to adapt the faces to FIFA 19 xbox 369. That the problem can be solved with a blender. Thank you and i need your help to convert face to xbox 360.
    My friend, again, another favor, I got these amazing faces by Tom an Keparik. Can you please convert them into RX3

    Hi tokke001.
    I'm sorry for bothering you here but I have doubt when I use your rx3 texture converter: I export the kit positions file in txt but I have a few difficulties in trying to figure out the pixels coordinates of the club crest on the shirt texture. I guess these coordinates are expressed in 0 & 1 spaces, but what should I do to convert them in a pixel format?
    Thanks in advance.
    Hi man, is there any possibility you can convert this into RX3?

    It can be to any game so I can convert it to FIFA 16

    I could convert head the old-fashioned way. How ever, hair conversion is beyond my skills and knowledge.
    Man, is there any possibility you can contact me through PM? Dmitri shared his converting tool with me but I haven't gotten to make it work.

    hi! I can' t run the fifa 11 patch to 21-22, can you send me the registration key please, thanks
    Hi bro can you share rx3 faces in fbx among fifa 22 pc files? I am a FIFA 16 user and I want to convert and share it. please. If you still have the FIFA 22 rx3 files shared with redo1000 & King AJ, please share them.

    thank you

    dear user
    Hi, I would like to know how you can convert the DB of the current fifa to 11 if you use the creation master, I have some knowledge in cm11 I make some legends and update the league of Brazil always to play with the people of my group online master league championships, we use an online panel for this.
    I visit Soccer gaming forum first time!
    I really want to paly FIFA11 with the 21-22 patch updated.
    But, I can't downlaod FIFA11 clean ver. and ea patch (1.01) in mega
    Where can I get this file ?
    Please let me know...Thank you!!
    Hello, tokke001! I have some issues with the patch - after istalling the latest patch, players cannot enter my room in the game because "they don't have the same fifa version"or something. I have tried the regenerator but still it doesnt help. I would appreciate if u contact me back.
    Hello tokke001, Happy New Year!, I've been using your tools and appreciate very much the work you've put into keeping these games alive, for me it is a very entertaining hobby while I also get to relive playing with my favorite legends thanks to you!
    Do you know of a way to resize heads from FIFA 14 to FIFA 16. I used your converter but converted player heads vary in size. Do you know of a solution for this? Thanks as always!

    I've been trying to add FIFA 11 faces to FIFA 16 (converted from switch version), but I keep running into an issue with the eyes, is there a way to solve this:

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