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I dont think those games uses 3d beards :
I only could find the face textures, no beard models
Well, someone needs to run FO4 and look for a player who has 3d beard in FIFA 22 and check this. Or if someone has FIFA 22 on switch.


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FIFA 22 pc to 11 (Generic Hair) v1.0

Included :
* 611 Generic Hair-types (35 hair-colors) From FIFA 22 pc (update 14) converted to FIFA 11
* Optional: High precision models
* Bump File
* Previews, name list



* New types hairs, haircolors (can be used with an edited database format)
* Women : Hairs-types included
* generic 3d beards arent included: may be done in the future


How to install this?


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Face-Pack updated

FIFA 11 face pack updated !

FIFA Online 4 to 11 (StarHeads)

* Pack 5 have been added:
9 Faces From FIFA Online 4

List faces
* New [Cruz Azul-pack]
156412    J. Corona
177273    J. Domínguez
182941    P. Aguilar
228892    I. Rivero
237997    U. Antuna
243015    L. Romo
245152    S. Giménez
247881    J. Escobar

* Updates
234236    P. Schick (short hair update)


FIFA online 4 to 11 (Pack 5) : Link


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Good tokke I want to ask you a little question, the faces for Fifa 23 you know can be converted by going out for Fifa 14.


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Are you able to convert?
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