My "****in`" kits for 2005 :


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Great kits.... Specially the kit of the Danish national team when we won the European Championship in '92 over Germany... GREEEAT!
29.09.2004 (page 3) you posted an Manchester City Home kit.... But i miss an away kit... Could you please make that also now you have posted the home kit? (H)


How big is YOUR penis?
Man****ty away has been made before by Pede, Curs or Chrissy if I`m not wrong.

My first attemp on the new ADIDAS Premio design, surely a better design than last year`s piss poor attemp with the belly curve. I like these new design very much. Schalke away ( the shorts and socks are guesses ) :



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::Hagi:: said:
Great to have ya back Hans. I missed your kits (H)

Dito, Hans your kits are amazing. I've downloaded all the premiership ones you made onto FIFA 2005, they look absolutley brilliant.


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Could someone make or tell me if someone has made, the new Man Utd 05-06 GK Shirt and the new blue away shirt and the Centenery Chelsea Home and GK kits for FIFA 2006 please thanks.