My "****in`" kits for 2005 :


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Ok I translate lol

Donc pour Molokodrinker, Hans te dit qu'il te supporte à 100% et qu'il trouve que tu es d'une grande aide pour la communauté et qu'il ne veut aucun problème avec toi.

Il a ajouté qu'il apprenait à parler français à l'époque mais c'était vraiment pourri mdr

Well the most important thing is to understand each other, no matter the language lol ;)


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im looking for....

Have any of you got the Manchester United 2003-2005 third kit?

If any of you have it then it would be apprecated.




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Hiya peeps, I`m back. Here`s my first kit after a couple of weeks, the Feyenoord home kit. I made a self made collar type on this, cos` none of the EA`s default types are suitable to resemble the collar in real life. Use the default collar assigned by EA, only in-game it won`t look like a simple round collar. I`m not sure wheter I`m gonna go with the Belgian kits, cos` their sponsors logos are hard to find and their kits pics also. The official web-site doesn`t help much too. So if you want any belgian kits, just feel free to ask, but please put any infos that can be very helpful regarding the sponsors or put good pics of how the kits look like not only from the front but the back of the kits and the socks if possible. But I can`t promise you anything, just to make things clear :



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Good for a screwed up home shirt...I liked so much that old style, now it looks weird. I'll get used to it anyways. :(
But this one you made is good enough ;)


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hey hans i've been watching all the kits you've made and let me just :o

i dont know if you take requests but i would love it if you could make the venezuela home away and third kits
they are very very simple :)

here's a link of another thread where i posted some pics of the kit.

the color of the away kit its all white with same short as in home
the color of the third kit its the dark blue of the barcelona away that you made. with same shorts and socks as the other ones.


keep up the good work :rockman: