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my FM thread


Team Captain

Best rating, bought him from Porto for 50mil:


Super player:

Barca legend:

Best asian player:

Iron man:

How Orlando did: (so-so)

My other MC starter, Purigoriooooooool:



Team Captain
I want to go back to my first big team, ACS Poli. But I need to get the coach fired so I took over a different Romanian team and try to emasculate ACS Poli so they fire their coach.


Team Captain
Paid for the game for the first time in my 15 year fm fandom.

Thinking of starting a game where I utilize my counter 4-4-2 2Dms. Searching now for a team with some of the right players.


Team Captain
Picked Southampton, and I'm doing FM Touch so I get rid of the training, media, and team talks. I noticed it now includes ability to train a new position which was missing before, a feature I find important.

Can't think of anything now I'd be missing. Oh except that I do like the very detailed board feedback of your management, now it's more basic.


Team Captain
I've been playing the fastest FM game I've ever done thanks to the touch version + instant results. It's a cheap game since I'm doing that plus using genie scout. The point of it is I'm trying to see how much I could raise the Dutch league's profile + how great I could make Heerenveen.

I believe I'm in season 21/22 now. I won the Europa league last year and have been winning the league for the last 5 years.

It's great, you can finish a season in a long evening. Good if you want to focus on seeing how players develope.


Senior Squad
Out of curiousity, are your own youth intakes any good? I'm doing exactly the same as you, only using Instant results with Milan, and the best regen I got had a potential of 122. Disappointing to say the least


Staff member
In my Juve game Atalanta and Roma produce a great amount of young talent. I'm only in my 5th season and Roma already have 5 or 6 170+ PA players in their youth ranks. The Atalanta youngsters are more around 150, but still very good. They also have a good youth recruitment reputation in real life. Both clubs have a rivalry with Juve so they rarely want to make the switch. I did manage to poach a few early on, but none from Roma. I considered starting a game with either Atalanta or Roma (or taking them over in the same game), but I bet I won't have the same luck.

I think Athletic Bilbao is another great club for regens. Barca and Real as well.


Senior Squad
Well, in my last season I did get quite a good central midfielder, so I guess it was just ridiculously bad luck until then, but I was beginning to think there is some sort of bug in action. I had lots of regens who were good(3-4, even 5 star) according to my assistant but in Genie scout they ranged from 85 to 122. I mean...you can't misjudge someone THAT bad, can you?

In my save the best regens are scattered. The elite clubs usually have ones who may break through (apart from the one I manage, obviously) but they are more likely to appear at smaller clubs. I picked up 3 wonderkids from Ternana, Perugia and Chievo. I don't know the rest of the countries because I don't scout them that often but Hannover got a regen who wouldn't look out of place in a German World Cup squad at the age of 15