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my FM thread


Team Captain
Thought of a crazy idea for a save game.

Often debates come up with the greatest team of all time, and teams are judged on a chunk of years in order to argue their quality. But an issue that exists with that is that teams often change players and it no longer is the same team.

So my thoughts are a save game where you develop/buy the best 25 players you can at an early age and try to win as much as possible without buying or selling anyone. The keys are for the team to be good enough, to have them locked up to long 5 year contracts, and to hope no disputes come up. You could target a total of 5 years to prove you've got the best team, but you could be ambitious and try for a length of closer to 10 years. Again getting players that aren't too old is key.


Team Captain
Started my quintuple save game back up, picking up where I left off: just getting the new job with Barca after finishing with Independiente in South America.

My goal for this team is to assemble a tiki-taka type time full of amazing passer and technical players. I sold some and bought some to assemble this team for now:



Team Captain
Spent 13.75mil on a 34 year old just cause I had the money.

Spent 75mil on this guy because he's the best DLP DM in the game.

Spent and sold a crap load:

I was somehow able to somehow sell Georgescu for a 2.5mil profit 23 days after Barca bought him (before I was there).


Haha, damn. Was it just plug and play? I go through the tactics forums but more for inspiration, don't really download any. From the feedback there I find that they tend to be good for top teams, and either I'm playing with a shit club and it won't work or I'm playing with a good one and I can do it on my own.

Btw that Orlando looks incredible, you can see some of the stats have lowered due to age but technically, fuck me!


Team Captain
Played 11 seasons at Porto prior to me buying him. His last season (at 33 years old) was his best, averaging an 8.77: 24 goals, 12 assists in 25 appearances.

The tactic is plug-and-play as its worked for me with crappy and good teams. The midfield is overcrowded and the three CMs get a crap load of goals.


Team Captain
Messi has been retired from playing for 7 years with a staff role of manager with no team giving him a job. I made him my Under 20s manager.



Team Captain
Equalizer in the 89th minute.

Going to be tired as hell in the final now. At stake: Will have to stay Australia's manager another 4 years if I lose the final.

My team is decimated. Star player, the only "great" play is out along 4 other starters and 3 reserves.


Team Captain
Preferably Argentina or Brazil so I can win Copa America and then try to get the WC, two tourneys I don't have (I have EC).

But there's a good chance those jobs don't become available in which case I can take a lesser team that can challenge for Copa America or a European powerhouse that can possibly win the world cup. But I will be patient and only apply for these type of positions.


Its funny however that after quitting Australia I noticed in the available jobs screen that Cameroon didn't have a manager. I looked at their schedule and noticed they were in the semis of the African Nations Cup! I was going to try to get the job so I can add another cup to my list for just a few days (in-game) of work. I beat Morocco but lost to Senegal in the final unfortunately. Then I quit the team of course.


Team Captain

So I achieved my main goal of winning the CL in 5 continents. Took 19 seasons.

Didn't think I could win both the league and CL with Barca in my first season but I reckon the team was good enough and the tactic. Good squad rotation also was key.

I still need to win a few international competitions. And I've set a few new club objectives:

- Win with a squad of all tall players (probably will do in Germany)
- Win with an all home nation team (probably will do all French in French league / or this in England)
- Assemble a squad of 11 very durable players and never rotate squad/substitute out (Maybe with Inter)
- Assemble a young squad of 25 of the best players with potential and try to see how many years I can win without replacing any of them (thinking Ajax)
- Win the CL with a Romanian team (Hoping ACS Poli or maybe Steaua)