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my FM thread


Team Captain
I've finally won my first, if memory serves right, Europa League/Uefa Cup after a dozen years of playing CM/FM. 2nd year with West Brom. I don't remember if I've posted about this game save previously.

This has been a super cool game I've had. The whole save started with a tactical concept. I wanted to create as defensive of a formation I could that would still win. I also wanted to play with defensive forwards for the first time.

The best I could think of was a 4-4-2 with the MCs dropped to DM. It looks like this:

The match engine is a bit skewed where 2 DMs do quite well. They are able to absorb a lot of pressure and having them in front of the defense really strengthens it. They along with the wingers are the main attacking outlet. The wingers are good dribblers and decent creators but also decent defensively. The whole team presses a lot. The 2 DMs are good defensively but also good passers, so they don't fumble the ball. The 2 FWDs are very high pressing type players. A lot of the chances come from the 2 FWDs being stranded, in a counter attack, and creating something between them two. The other goals come from the team slowly working it up with good play between the DMs and wingers.

A lot of games are tight statistically (often we do worse) but we end up getting the better of the other team through strong defensive ability and determination.

West Brom had absolutely the best squad for this tactic outside of the big teams. It made me fall in love with them a bit for it. Here's what I was able to accomplish with them in the first year, with my only first XI purchase being Milevsky:

Unluckily I drew Valencia in the CL qualifiers and lost.

This year I was only able to finish 9th. It had to do with bringing a lot of new players in and having to juggle competitions. As I showed I did win the Europa league though and got to the FA Cup finals and was able to get my season long goal of getting a European spot through winning the respective competition.

Here are what some of my players look like:

Brought from Celtic for 7.75mil, will be my main GK for a while:

Captain, rock a the back, part of original team:

One of the best tall CBs in the game, bought from Liverpool for 9.5 mill after he only had 6 appearances:

What my DMs look like:

Pizarro cost 5mil from Lanus. Battaglia was a steal at 500k from Parma. Mulumbu played DM last season. He had a great one and was sold to Milan for 15mil.

Star player, 23mil from Montpellier:

Other winger, left side, got him on a free with incredibly cheap wages:

This is what my strikers look like:

Dat mental stats. 4.5 mil from Genk. I might need to replace him though because his physical and technical attributes are really limiting him in the Premiership.

10.25 mil from Dynamo Kyev. I really wanted a striker of his mold in my first season and he was one of the best of his kind so I had to pay up.

Got him on a free. Tall:

As for prospects, I've got Romero training to be my future starting DL (8 mil from Velez):

FM stud Hughes for future ML (Derby, this winter break for 7.5 mil):

Bought this guy to come next year for 6.5 mil. With improved passing and strength he's exactly what I'm looking for in my DM. His attributes look good now and will get even better. Future starting DM:

These two guys are coming next year on frees to be in the rotation, possible starters:

Garmash has really amazing attributes. He also led Kyev to the CL finals this year!

Interesting how I've got a lot of Argentinians and now Ukrainians in the team (not purposefully). They are the type of players that would thrive in this type of tactic.


Team Captain
Developed a bit of a rivalry with Arsenal this season. They got the better of me in the league, finishing two spots above, and in the FA Cup, but I got them in Europe.



Team Captain
Only 1 weakness: Composure.

I feel it's an important attribute for a MC who might be under pressure a lot and needs to make simple passes.


Staff member
Your West Brom reminds me of my FM12 Huracan. Same type of players, same type of tactic, even though I deployed my forwards differently (advanced/deep-lying). I also had 3 of your players: Battaglia, Pizzaro and Estigarribia. The Argentinian regens I picked up during that game were perfect for this formation and tactic, my future superstar forward Jorge Canelo was even naturally best as a defensive forward. The Argentinian trend continues.


Team Captain
Those three players in the Argentinian league must have been beast. I'm playing them in the Premier League and they are doing good.


Staff member
I remember Guido Pizarro being the player that gave me the boost in quality to win my first Apertura/Clausura. It was an incredibly young roster filled with potentially world elite players, but I eventually lost patience. I never got satisfying results in the Copa Libertadores, still a prize I've never won in CM/FM. Did you win the Libertadores in your journeyman save?


Team Captain
Yeah, did with Independiente. Don't remember anything about the run but it's in this thread somewhere.


It apparently works in 15 too, as in my first team, shitty French 3rd division club Colomiers, I'm employing that with success (relatively to the club), so far at least. I play a TM(attack) and DLF(support) upfront plus a BWM(support) and DM(defend) in the midfield.