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mogolos kits


I think I'm going to have to re-install WC06 just to use some of these great Caribbean kits, Mogolos! Cheers!


Starting XI
New Caledonia away collar 3 please:

Fiji home and away, collar 3 please:

@myx: fiji is made according to Caledonia and the blue one is an old generic i used in past and I put the puma logos on it. I hope itis good...


Youth Team
mogolos can u update Carmageddon's kits of Olympiakos???the're very good but citybank sponsor is missing....also if you watched the last friendly game the sorts were black in the 3rd kit.iI see that you make international kits but it would be great if you could take a look.thanks mate(i'm Greek too and olympiakos fun).


Club Supporter
mogolos;2393199 said:
thanks all for any way of commenting, u forced me improve enough! i have to stop editing for a while as I am a teacher and the new school year starts in Greece today! i have planned to make 12-12 NT teams more, when they r ready i ll give a link fore any1 needs. moreover any1 (WITHOUT ANY KIND OF EXCEPTION) can use for free my kits.
I am also ready to move into fifa08, just waiting the full game release and good fotos for the damned greek teams used to change a lot of kits in August -September and adding a sponsor per week! see u soon in fifa08!

ha ha (H)

2 ways teacher for school & fifa ;)

good luck


Senior Squad
Congratulations, You made all Oceania Football Federation. I would like to see Tuvalu team too. Thank you my man ;)


Starting XI
thanks all for commenting!!! @ greek friend requesting Olympiakos: my friend I don't make new kits, so I won't make Olympiakos for 07 or other club. all superleague will be ready to be released after fifa08 release!