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mogolos kits


Starting XI
hi all! am a kit and patch maker from Greece> I edit for 3 years, so don't think I am absolutely new. here i ll post some kits made for patches durimg the period. PAOK THESSALONIKI 06-07.



Youth Team
nice try @ the PAOK kits but the logo one the
white one looks some kind of streched.
i don't like the gk kit.(back and front-take a look at the shoulder)
and the socks on every PAOK kit are little bit blury
except the home one.

btw you have to press the puma logos and the
sponsors .. they look like been glued on the kits


Starting XI
thank u very much for the comments paoktsi! but r u sure that these details are seen or visible in game???? i can confirm u no!!!!!!!!! moreover I don't put kits here like they take part in a beauty competition but to be hepful for those guys need some rare in making kits. I wonder how many times the game zooms in the logo in order to force someone to glue it... anyway I am poor enough to make real pieces of "kit-art"....


Senior Squad
Fantastic Kits, and refreshing to see some of the smaller teams featured. Hope you do Beveren and Charleroi home kits as well.


Senior Squad
At last mogolos on soccergaming!!!!
nice kits mate
i wish you good luck and more beautiful kits!!
ta leme!...