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  • Hello! Is is possible to have a working link to download the FIFA12 Greek Superleague Patch. I have tried also to reach you through personal conversation.

    Thanks in advance!
    Hello again.

    I am willing to donate a fair amount for the FIFA 12 Greek Super League Patch. The file that I want is the following:

    GSP FIFA 12 - Greece Super League Winter Update 2.0.2 Size: 133 MB

    Thanks in advance
    Hey mate. I was just wondering where you get the textures for your kits. I am searching everywhere to find textures of the puma and Nike 19/20 team wear jerseys. Any help?
    vgalte re to patsaki mono me greek superleague giati auto tou Fifa-Infinity crasharei kai genika einai mapa...
    hello mogolos. my friend christophe83460 and I started working on the patch adding in the FIFA 16 Championships of Georgia, Cyprus and Slovenia. I have a request to you, can you create kits for these leagues? Ariel will add them to the official modding.
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