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Juventus F.C. [2015-2016]


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Seems like it's done, €25M now + 5M depending on team/player performance.

Good deal for both sides, we get a significant fee and you get a really quality player.

Now let's watch him doing great for you guys...


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Finally watched the full game, thought we played too good for a loss - lots of good signs with quite a few first teamers/good players missing


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Juve without Pirlo/Tevez... It's time for the Vecchia Signora to retire, they would get slaughtered by Barca in a re-match


SG's van Bommel



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I used to like him but at Inter every time I saw him he was just a shadow. Looks like a Man Utd panic mode transfer.


Yeah, really a panic buy. Though we could have done worse, like spend 30m on Witsel. At least Hernanes is pretty cheap, and there's hope that he can find his Lazio form again. Can't believe we got players like Dybala, Alex Sandro or Khedira, whom I'm sure many clubs wanted, but we couldn't secure a good attacking midfielder this whole summer.


Not really. He has to become more consistent and influential as a CM, let alone at AMF, where our entire attacking plays would depend on him.

With Pogba I feel people want him to be the new Zidane but he can't turn into something he's never been. Giving him the #10 wasn't a great idea either, the pressure on him now with Pirlo and Vidal gone is really big. I hope the attention he's getting nowadays won't ruin him. The leap in progress he made after his first season here was immense, now it seems it has slowed down a bit.