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Juventus F.C. [2015-2016]


But his CM needs a CM



Pogba given the number 10. Don't know what to make of this, kinda random.

Really close to Siqueira, Alex Sandro is too expensive. Draxler move apparently off, some sources say we're still going for Gotze but I highly doubt we have a chance.


Staff member
Arnau;3844120 said:
How much Porto wants for him? 30m for Alex Sandro is a better inversion than 15 on Siqueira.
PdC said at an interview in late July that he refused a €30M offer for Alex this summer. I would find that extremely hard to believe in case he hadn't simultaneously assured us that a contract renewal had already been agreed (otherwise he'd be a free agent by January)


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Isn't his contract up next year? I thought the plan was Evra + Siqueira for a year, then Evra is done after this season and Siqueira is the backup for free transfer Alex Sandro


SG's van Bommel
Just ordered the Pogba #10 shirt.

And in other news looks like we're getting Alex Sandro from Porto. Haven't watched him play tbh, could Fili or Massive give some info on him? Is he a legitimate Porto beast or the next Alvaro Pereira?


Staff member
He's no Danilo, but still extremely good. TBH I think another year here would the best for him, having a truly consistent season performance-wise would do him right before making a big move.