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Rodrigo Mof;3825465 said:
I, I am Rodrigo and i'm here to give you a new game at off-topic section.

The Masters of Football.

Stay close.

Here, meet the SG boss CAL-UN and vote to re-elect him.



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Hi, I'm Debanjan Bhattacharya from Kolkata, India. I'm a Medical Representative. I like FIFA 14 very much. So, I've joined to this Forum.


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Hi Guys im new here so let me introduce myself...
Im Buffalo82 a.k.a Kenny im from Belgium and i just started to
modify fifa to my wishes.
So any advise, tips and tricks are welcome.
And maybe we can help eachother.


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Hello I'm OM.93 I am a real fan of FIFA games. I collect all fifa games. My first FIFA game was FIFA 98. Since I was 15 y.o I try to edit my fifa games to have a lot of classic teams.


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Hi guys I am from Pakistan. Even though we are a cricket nation but there are still a lot of football fans here. Especially in my school. El Clasico is always the biggest topic. I am a Madrid fan.


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Hello to anyone and everyone that reads this. I've been a FIFA fan for a long time. Started playing with the data a couple years ago and am trying to continually get better at that.

I'm really only interested in the player database (players, teams, leagues, etc). So if you have any tips about that, I'm all ears.