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New to the forum, hope to get some help from you guys and give mine to whoever needs it.

My name is Mariano, and im from Argentina.


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Hey, new to the forum. Been working on some stadiums for FIFA 15 and figure I should start posting here


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting me join in. As a psychology researcher interesting in exploring the positive impacts of digital gaming, it's good to get insiders' perspectives on these things!

If you are interested in my research, you can find out more here:

Hope to speak more soon!


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Hi All

Hi all,
Just thought I would drop in and say hi as a new member on here and just getting to grips with FIFA 15

Steve :mambo:


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Hi everyone, I'm Garrett.
I've not long had FIFA 15, and yet again, it's a game you love and hate at the same time!