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Introduce Yourself


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Hi I am mark and i am in the UK.
I have been playing fifa since the very first game on the megadrive way back in the 90s
I only play fifa career mode.
Fifa 18 is very good and looks superb. However, I am completely sick of the scripting. Its ruining me game.
Thats how i found this forum. I only discovered this yesterday after one too many scripted match.
Hopefully i can contribute to this group in some way
Bye for the noo


Hi , I am Valentin . I am new to FIFA MODDING. I am a novice. I currently mod for FIFA on PS VITA. I love FIFA on PS VITA but I find that modding FIFA on PS VITA is not that easy. Hopefully, I will improve over the years. Does anyone here know how to replace songs in FIFA FOR PS VITA using the GoldWave software and CG File Explorer. I am trying to incorporate new songs to make the game fun.
Thank you!


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Hello people.I am back!! :D

Long long long time been inactive. :)
Just achieved to recal my old email and reactivate my account.
Although my old posts back from 2005 are mostly garbage, now everything is different.
I've changed, fifa has changed, PES has changed, the world has changed.
I wish everyone the best and stay safe in this covid madness.

PS: greetings @Chuny ,long time since I last have seen you on the "other side* (evoweb). :)


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Hi all! By the time I got to this thread of the forum, I had already left a few posts.
I like playing FIFA 14, but I've been playing it since version 07. When I have time, I spend it with this game. This forum is full of FIFA fans and I hope I'm not boring you :)


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Hello! I recently moved in. As I'm new to this forum, there are many things that I don't yet fully understand. I'm hoping the other users will be able to help, and I'm really eager to get to know you all. Moreover, if you know where I can find Wilbur Soot, it would be helpful to my understanding.
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Hey everyone, it's me. It's wonderful to see how well you guys treat the thread. Does anyone from your group have any knowledge of the Tyler the Creator merch store? I'm curious to learn new things about the world that will advance my understanding.
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