FM 2005 F.A.Q... Most of it works for FM 2006 too...


That Nice Guy
it was always the same. You had to load your game, minimize then used the PKM destroyer thing.

Not done it in years like.


That Nice Guy
before you start a game? otherwise, just load up FMM and type in a club and it'll tell you what theyve got... hell, you can even edit it if you like.

I once gave Chelsea 0 funds but with an £80m budget, in the hope Jose would spend it all. He didnt, Roman just invested £100m back in :(


Senior Squad
Throw-In has some leagues.

For Example:
Aston Villa

Reputation: National
Europe: No
Key Players: Milan Baros, Gareth Barry, Wilfried Bouma
Stadium & Capacity: Villa Park, Birmingham. 42,573 all seater with under-soil heating.
Training Facilities: Good facilities.
Board Expectations: Attain a respectable league position.
Fans Expectations: Qualify for Europe

Balance: £7.35m
Transfer: £3.1m
Wage Budget: £350k p/week
Sponsors: 5 year deal at £1.56m p/season, Ends 2008.