FM 2005 F.A.Q... Most of it works for FM 2006 too...


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0 means random, negative numbers are a set of possible values. These are only used for potential ability.

-1 = 1-20
-2 = 21-40
-3 = 41-60
-10 = 181-200


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just wish to know how to change team color? umm...i have downloaded the 2GT kit pack and man utd away is blue color now (default is black), how i change the color to blue and red?


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You can't if you've already started. With the editor you can change the team colours in the database.

(sorry for the late reply :$)


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How to play windowed mode on FM2006
right click on the shortcut to FM2006 on the desktop, and in the target box type:

"C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\fm.exe" -small_screen -windowed"

(change directory if you have put FM in a different one, its the last bit thats important anyway)



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Question: It takes 4 years to gain Spanish nationality. Why do player not become Spanish after playing more than 4 years, but switching clubs in Spain? It seems like changing clubs restarts the whole process. This makes no sense! Also, why is Berbetov not a German citizen? He played in my game in Leverkusen from 01-09!! And he still isnt a German.

This foreigner thing is Carlos*ed.


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You dont automatically get one. Its just like a normal citizen. He has to request one at the government (or wherever that happens). So those players probably dont want a 2nd citizenship.


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I recently purchased worlwide soccer manager 2006 from Amazon online.

will the downloads and add-on crap from sites such as work just the same as they would for FM2006?


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How come some teams only have colours as they're uniform while others have their actual kit? Is this because EA owns the rights. I didn't think that affected management games (or is that just me being stupid).


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Yes that's right, it's because of the rights which SI can't afford to pay and EA can. Yet you can download loads of kits(including those from the premiership) at


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How to raise Manager Stats... not that they matter in the grand scheme of things

(taken from

Many people struggle and don't know how to increase some of their manager stat attributes, so I am going to explain a little bit about what sort of things you need to do to make certain ones improve. The manager stats are slit into six parts them being Ability to Handle Pressure, Ambition, Loyalty, Media Handling, Professionalism and Temperament. The way you handle you're players and Media comments can play a big role on which stats increase or in some cases decrease. Give the media a wrong comment and your media stat and some others may drop depending on what you say. But give them a correct answer and it will increase. Just a quick note though, every time you do one of the things below the stat does not increase every go or it would be very easy to have 20's for everything.

Increasing Ability to Handle Pressure Stat

Increasing this stat can be the hardest to do out of all the other stats. To increase this stat if the media say to you something along the line you "should win this match" then the reply you give can actually increase this stat. You should say something like “yes we can but we will have to be cautious" and then your ability to handle pressure stat will improve if you win this match. If you are a smaller club it is much easier and quicker to raise this stat as you often play teams who are much better than you, but when you're a big club you don't play too many better teams. Another way of increasing this stat is if you’re in a relegation battle and manage to stay up then the stat should rise again. There are a few more ways too but I just want to cover the basics to give you a slight indication for just now.

Increasing Ambition

There is quite a few ways to increase this stat, one of them being to declare interest in a player who is better than you currently have. Remember to do it on a realistic player who might join your squad though, don’t be someone like Hereford and declare interest in Ronaldinho or the media won't take you serious and the media stat will drop. Another way of improving this stat is when the media ask you if you will get promoted etc if you reply yes you think you will then you are classed as ambitious and the Ambition stat should increase.

Increasing Loyalty

If you keep buying players and selling them season after season then your loyalty stat will be pretty non existent. If a player complains about not playing regular enough and then you tell him he will be given a chance and you start to play him the stat will rise again. When a player as a god game and you praise him your loyalty stat should increase too, but do it too often and they will think you praise too much so it won’t go up. If a club bids for one of your star players and you reject it and say you hope he will stay at the clubs also shows that you are pretty loyal and can cause your loyalty stat to rise again.

Increasing Media Handling

Every single response you give to the media effects this stat, you need to know how to reply to media questions for this stat to gain. The more you play down rumours and any arguments a manager might be trying to get you involved in if you say you don't want to get involved the stat will rise plus your professionalism should also. Praising other managers and your own players can also contribute on making this stat rise. There are plenty more too but I am not going to get into everything.

Increasing Professionalism

When a player complains about you to the press do you ignore his comments and deal with it privately or respond by saying something to the press and making the situation worse? The same can be said about another manager trying to unsettle you, if you play it calm and don't get drawn into a war of words then you will be seen as a very professional manager and the stat should increase. If you start mouthing off to the press then the stat will decrease.

Increasing Temperament

Again this stat is also connected to the last two I wrote about, if you are a manager who likes to lash out to other players and rival managers then this stat is going to be relatively low. But on the other hand if you are more calm and relaxed manager and don't get drawn into a war of words then your temperament stat should be very high after a while.

As you can see a lot of stats are connected to each other and they all have a knock on effect on other stats. So before you comment to the media have a think and ask yourself if you are really bothered about the stats. If the answer is no then you can respond how you like, but if it does bother you then think first for a few moments about your response. Also remember there are plenty of other ways to increase these stats, these are just a few of the ways.

Da Kid

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Can someone tell me why my national logos dont work and i have put them in the right folder?
P.S. i downloaded national pack from sortiotuoioisosuiousr :junior:


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Da Kid said:
Can someone tell me why my national logos dont work and i have put them in the right folder?
P.S. i downloaded national pack from sortiotuoioisosuiousr :junior:
Because you're yet to turn off skin caching in the preferences screen?


I tried the directions given on the first page to speed up the game but there is no FM folder when I type %temp% and press enter. I get a ton of other temporary files but nothing for FM.

Also I downloaded some logos and such, how do I add them into the game?

Sorry if these questions have been answered earlier in the thread.


gamerguy350 said:
Save Game Cleaner

That should speed your game up.

How do I use it? I finished downloading it and as soon as I open it a window pops up call FM Savegame Cleaner 1.0.5 except I can't click on the proceed button.

edit: nevermind :$

about the logos, I haven't checked but they may have. thanks for the tip (Y)



I did that and now my game won't load anymore. I put tried using the back-up and that didn't work either. I have to start my damn game all over again....S*IT :f***:

edit yet again: well I fixed the back up file and now my game loads but it's still slow as hell. oh well...