FM 2005 F.A.Q... Most of it works for FM 2006 too...


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You probably cant sign them at the start of the game...
play a few more seasons, let them play some NT games...then try...


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because it was such a good post and is a great reminder to all those people who THINK they have problems i've posted it here, so if you are having problems with you team, before posting read this quote:

italianstallion said:
I've said this before and I'll say it again. Your team plays one ****ty game. They lose confidence. They put some more ****ty games on the table for you. Team struggles in the league, cup, etc. Person playing FM 2005 gets pissed, posts in the FM 2005 forum at SG. Amazingly gets this exact same reply from me. Person goes back, plays FM 2005 some more. Person's team gets a lucky win. Confidence increases. Team gets better results. All is well, you go back to playing FM and masterbating, I have a diet Pepsi.




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shouldn't you translate it into more "correct" and understandable english? :jambo:


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rpvankasteren in the future FAQ for CFM Breamster said:

To start a network game you do the same as if you were starting a normal game. But when starting a network game, the host (the person starting the game) needs to make sure he has his PC set up correctly. Not only do you need to have FM start a game with the "run as server" option selected, you also need to make sure you don't have a firewall blocking the internet traffic FM will produce. FM uses two ports for its traffic, port 10093 for TCP, and 10094 for UDP, and both need to be freed to be able to host a game. If you don't, you'll find other people aren't able to connect to your game.
You can also enable a force continue in the preferences, forcing people to continue after an amount of time has passed, or after a percentage of players has pressed continue; whichever comes first. The last thing you can do is add a password to your game, so not just anybody can join your game.
Should someone join that you didn't want to, or someone starts behaving in a way that compromises the gameplay, the host can choose to kick (temporarily) or ban (irrevocable, for that game) that player from the game by right clicking his name in the game status screen.

To join a game, choose the "network" option from the main menu, or the "join game" option from the side menu in the preferences screen. You'll come up to a screen with two sections. The bottom one will show games running on the LAN you are part of, the top one shows servers you've played FM on recently. To join a game that is not run on the LAN, you select "join other server" on the bottom of the side menu. A window will show where you need to enter the IP address of the person hosting the game. If you can't find him or can't join him, point him at the bit about the ports that need to be opened.

I do believe it was mentioned in lesser detail in the first post, though.


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is it both side have to have the same version and database? mine already patched by the FMSorted updates :confused:

btw, how to know the port 10093 and 10094 are open?

EDIT: just found it on first page. thanks ruud (Y)


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You use the database of the host, but it is recommended to have the same version of FM, to avoid conflicts.

As I don't know what firewall you use, I can't possibly help you to open them up. There's going to be an option of opening ports in it somewhere.


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i think if you're using router, you have to do port forwarding before you can host (or join perhaps) the game


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Yeah, that's the same as opening a port on the firewall, only in that case the router is blocking everything except what you allow in.


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Ruud, I just noticed, you should remove the text about Susie it's quite deluding for people who don't know where to get graphics etc.



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Well, I altered the text to this:

rpvankasteren said:
Where to get skins, logos, kits, and other graphics for FM 2005:

With the closure of SortItOutSI, the graphical scene has spread out all over the internet. If you know a site that is hosting FM graphics, and/or has an active graphics scene, please post it in here and we'll add it to the FAQ.


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question: in the FM official Data Editor, if a player's attribute is set at 0, does that mean it's going to be a randomly generated number in the game? Cuz Giusseppe Rossi has a bunch of zeros. I've never really understood how the Data Editor really works.

Oh and also, for the potential ability of young players such as Rossi and Freddy Adu, it's a negative number, what does that mean?