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File sharing and monetization rules

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If you have ever visited evo-web forums, you probably saw their rules regarding file sharing and monetization:

It's very actual especially right now, when many modders (facemakers in particular) post ad-links and advertise their media accounts (patreon, twitter, etc.).

The first thing, and most important - is that soccergaming transforms from a place for sharing mods and knowledge into a place for sharing ads. So some people, instead of sharing mods with the community, share ad links. These people might say, but we created the content ourselves, and we distribute it however we want? I agree. But why did you decide to advertise here on the forum? Do you want to turn soccergaming into an advertising dump? How did the website deserve such an attitude towards itself?

The second thing is user privacy and security. Some of paid-link services act very bad in terms of privacy and security, some ask to install third-parry applications. If you are a little versed in IT, then you understand that no one will ask you to install any software on your PC "just like that". So it turns out that the site is gradually turning into a place where people can become victims of scammers without any problems.

This is my appeal to the administration, or more precisely, to people who still cares about the website.

@Chuny @RobbieD_PL
What do you think about implementing such rules here on soccergaming?

Please stop the transformation of soccergaming into an advertising garbage with viruses.


Senior Squad
and Dmitri is right

i recently tried to download a facepack,
and came on some strange site where i had to do 3 things (make account, download browser plugin, ...)
i dont wanted that... so i had to google for a site to create premium links : something equal less safe maybe lol

The uploaders are making great things here...
but this site is still about sharing your mods ,
not for sharing problems through those ad-sites


Youth Team
I also don't support ad-link. I'm on the side of dmitri. chuny should take care of those who still doing that.


Staff member
Super Moderator
Perhaps you should read the Rules which very clearly specify that those aren’t allowed here.
And you can help by clicking on the Report button when you see someone is breaking them.

I will close this Thread now as it’s not necessary. This has already been covered in our SoccerGaming Forum Rules & Guidelines.
Not open for further replies.