1. M

    Research and Documentation on Modding Older FIFA Games for PS3 & XBOX 360 - RPCS3 & Xenia

    Skip to Paragraph 4.0 If you don't want to read the sob story and get into the further details of my findings NOTE: Apologies in advance if none of this makes sense or is not much of value - I'm trying to make sense of it all myself and type all that is on my mind at the moment and will update...
  2. shoneroma90

    Tutorials - How to make New Leagues, unlock CONMEBOL teams, licence Unlicenced teams

    Here is a simple Tutorial on how to make New Leagues in FIfa, Unlocking "hidden" CONMEBOL teams, licence unlicenced teams in FIfa. First part of Tutorial is preparation and Unlocking CONMEBOL teams, soon i will update with more Tutorials. ------------- FIFA 21 TUTORIAL - Part 1 Unlocking South...
  3. Southwest87

    [Fifa 14] - Create and Add Managers Face

    Hi everyone! I'm coming to you because I'm planning to make ALL the manager faces in Fifa 14 (at least for League 1, League 2, Serie A, Bundesliga etc). I understand that the managers' faces are in 2D and not in 3D like the players. I know how to do it with FaceGen Modeller 3.1 but I'm not...
  4. jakim_

    Change career starting year

    HI, I'm making a patch myself, and I have a trouble. I want to change the career starting year, but I don't know how. If anyone did it, i'll apreciate that can give my a hand with this. Thank u!
  5. Zizu07

    FIFA 11 - Nostalgia mod (fifa 07)

    Hi everyone! Sometimes i remembered FIFA 07... music, squads, atmosphere, it was a good times, but the engine, to be honest ,isn't playable for today. I hope there is someone else who did spend a lot of time in this beautiful game and ready to join this project and reincarnate this legend! The...
  6. Dmitri

    File sharing and monetization rules

    If you have ever visited evo-web forums, you probably saw their rules regarding file sharing and monetization: It's very actual especially right now, when many modders...
  7. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: Same as last year, I'll be posting FIFA kits that are completly free to use, but this time I WON'T BE TAKING ANY REQUESTS! Reason for that is that I'm working again and don't have as much free time as I did last year. I'll be making kits that I want and doing it at my own pace...
  8. Exofifa

    Kits Made By A Noob (PeterPan)

    Joined this community 1 and a half months ago (as of 10th of November 2020). I quickly got into some groups like Manticore, KMUTD and KMT and I also created my own patch together with Arkantos called FRP (FIFA Revival Patch). All of this have came extremely fast and I owe everything to these...
  9. royalbluesupporter

    royalbluesupporter'S Faces & Face-Edit

    stay tuned!
  10. Harry BullZak

    FIFA 20 PC Boot model convert to FIFA 16-14

    Are there any experienced Blender guys here? I have been trying for a long time to convert some FIFA 20 PC boots. To get the boots to at least show in game (FIFA 14) I have been following these steps: - Import FIFA 20 .fbx in to Blender - Use Limited Dissolve to reduce vertices to match FIFA 14...
  11. Forlan10

    Nothing's working anymore?!?

    OK, so I decided to use my mods on a fresh FIFA install. I did everything I could not to screw anything up, readded in each of my .CMPs, restructured the competitions to fit everything, regenerated everything at the end. Now, when I get into the game, Kick-Off works fine... BUT NOTHING ELSE...
  12. Arethiel

    FIFA 20 Standard Edition Origin Key - GLOBAL - GIVEAWAY

    Hi there! :mike: My name's Arethiel and I'm best known for making some nice free kits that can be found in this thread or for Kit Generator on this thread. I've also helped many other modders in order to make FIFA 20 the best game it can be. The reason of me making this thread is that I want...
  13. E

    300 LEGENDS + 50 CLASSIC KITS !!!!

    I would like to kindly ask the members of the modding community if they are willing to work together to create a MOD with additional legendary players and also legendary kits. I'm talking the correct minifaces and stats. Moddingway used to do this for every FIFA series up until FIFA 16...
  14. Sebbastos

    FIFA Community Mod - Old Versions

    *****COMMUNITY MOD***** - 5.0 This patch groups together several mods from the community and makes them compatible. *ONLY CGFILE EXPLORER - OFFICIAL GAME AND LAST UPDATE* A clean fifa is strongly advised, erased your team files before any installation Special thanks for The Community Mod...
  15. T

    Problem creating new leagues on MM

    I have created new leagues on MM. When I star a career mode the game turns off. I give them new IDs (not replaced) and I have ensured to get all right.
  16. Redmessi

    All redmessi's Tutorials In English

    Hi! If I would record all my tutorials about modding and using cheat engine in english language, would you watch it?
  17. R

    Get Frosty Mod Manager To Work

    Hi! I made some new videos about Modding FIFA 18 with the newest Update of Frosty Tool 1.0.3 alpha 4 Here you find the new Video Here is the whole modding Playlist Here is the whole Youtube Channel and here is the homepage Just watch and tell me if you need help with modding - i will make a...
  18. scottb7777

    Adding third kit?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to add a third kit to my team (Leeds) with no success, I followed the advice on this thread: but it didn't seem to work for me. I've cloned the away kit using CM16, made the clone the 3rd kit, updated the imagery, but...
  19. kosmagrawgry

    Boots In FIFA 18

    I have question to You All (Y'ALL) Is there is or will be a possibility to edit boots in FIFA 18 like there was in FIFA 17 (i mean Frosty Tool) Export Boots Texture and change collor etc. I'd love to see new pair of boots in the FIFA 18 Thanks for Your response and time