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One thing I wanted to do was work on a mod of NHL 10 that replaces the Czech and German leagues with the KHL and some new international teams. Now, why am I asking about an ice hockey video game in a soccer forum?

Well, that's because one of the tools needed for the mod, myfifa2005 DB Converter, has somehow stopped actually converting databases. This is detrimental to the mod, as one of the things I need to do is edit the localization files so that the new team names aren't simply strings.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g3q2Nnm1Yy7kcnAkz6T54wsOpPDJ-LHO/view?usp=share_link Here is what the converter is "doing" these days.

And for the record, it has worked before on these games, but somehow isn't nowadays. Here are some things I have done:
1) Redownloaded the program
2) Edit the batch script
3) Place the db file and converter in the same folder

Neither of these has worked. Could someone please help me with this? I'll gladly appreciate it. :)

Feel free to delete this if any rules are broken.


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I also tried an "improved" version of DB Master that WAS able to open them... at the cost of not being able to save. I also tried using the Madden Xtreme Database Editor, but closing the file reset everything I did, even when I saved.